Gary Neville: Ten Hag recruiting Casemiro was a mistake

Gary Neville, a legendary player for Manchester United, is quoted as saying that Erik ten Hag’s signing of Casemiro has had a significant impact on the team, despite the fact that Casemiro is not an ideal pick.

With their victory over Barcelona in the play-off stage of the Europa League, Man United are currently displaying an incredibly magnificent form. There’s no denying that the signing of Casemiro to a contract over the past several years has been one of the most important aspects in the Red Devils’ transformation into the team that we see today.

Although Man United were unsuccessful in their attempts to convince Frenkie de Jong to return to Old Trafford, the Brazilian international was purchased by the red half of Manchester for a fee of £70 million in the waning hours of the summer transfer window. At the time, not many people felt that a player who had just turned 31 years old could assist Manchester United in resolving the headache problem that had plagued the club in midfield for many seasons.

Casemiro has shown everyone the genuine class of a player who has won five Champions League trophies by accomplishing this. The star who was born in 1992 made an early impact on a Red Devils midfield that was prone to making errors. The Brazilian midfielder not only created certainty in front of goalkeeper David de Gea, but also Elevated the level of teammates around him with his remarkable tactical vision and class.

It is the last defeat in the English Premier League by teachers and students of Erik ten Hag against a direct competitor for the championship; Arsenal is the clearest proof of how much the Red Devils need Casemiro. It is also the last defeat in the English Premier League by teachers and students of Erik ten Hag. The Brazilian was unable to play in that game because he was given a ban, and on the day that the steel shield in the middle was missing, Manchester United were more vulnerable than they had ever been. At the same time, fans from MU knew that Fred by alone was not enough to adequately guard the home team’s net.

Another piece of evidence demonstrating Casemiro’s significance The Brazilian player has contributed to the Old Trafford team’s success by scoring 5 goals and providing 6 assists up until this point. His most notable contribution was the opening goal in the 2-0 triumph over Newcastle United in the Cup final. recent federation of the Brits.

Marcus Rashford, a striker for the Red Devils, gave an interview to Athletic after the game and said that Casemiro was the most crucial player in helping the team win the championship.

The famous British actor said:

“The addition of Casemiro has been very beneficial to the team. When it comes to major games, his expertise and talents as a leader are invaluable.”

“When I ask a few of my other team members about it, they all agree that having him out there on the field gives us a better sense of safety behind the ball. That is very significant. What Casemiro has demonstrated here today has a great deal of my enthusiasm. now.”

On the other side, a former player for Manchester United named Gary Neville opined that the club made a mistake by acquiring Casemiro as a player. In addition to other objective factors, the former English player makes the statement that “Casemiro is wreaking havoc on the club according to the ways unbelievable way” when Ten Hag is a favorite coach to use young players with a lot of enthusiasm to fight. When Ten Hag is a favorite coach, he likes to use players who are eager to fight.

On The Overlap, the British player who was previously mentioned stated:

I don’t think Ten Hag has any intention of trying to bring in high-profile signings, at least not in my opinion. In the event that new owners are brought in, it is likely that they will want to make a significant statement on the player transfer market. My gut tells me that Ten Hag’s plans won’t work out if things continue as they are.

I believe that he would prefer the recruitment of younger, more enthusiastic players while still having the opportunity for development rather than Casemiro.

“Casemiro has undeniably surpassed those perspectives; take Antony and Lisandro Martinez for example; they are younger and have higher aspirations.” I believe that is the kind of guy that he would prefer to bring onto this team.

Neville continued, referring to the Brazilian, saying:

But Casemiro, then I don’t think he’s suitable, and by the way, about the sum the team paid him – sixty million pounds? Seventy million ounces? In addition, the salary can reach up to 20 million GBP per year for a total of five seasons, and the investment can reach up to 170 million GBP. That is an exorbitantly high charge.’

When seen in the context of the entire situation, the contract in question is not a good one. On the other hand, nobody at MU shares this view. Casemiro is wreaking devastation on the club in amazing ways, but his impact will be short-lived because the Reds need him at the moment.’

Yet, to be fair, what Casemiro brings to Man United is the talent and class of a top defensive midfielder in the world. This is what Casemiro brings to Man United. And the English League Cup is just the beginning of the search for the old glory of the Old Trafford team, a search that absolutely requires the participation of the Brazilian player.


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