Funny with the error that makes the character “squeeze” in Tower of Fantasy

Recently, a funny error of Tower of Fantasy was discovered and made the player’s character “squeeze” look very funny.

Since debut Tower of Fantasy has quickly become a game MMO remarkable and received the attention of many gamers. However, it wasn’t long before this game quickly encountered turbulence when a series of errors appeared, making the experience of the gaming community difficult.

Most recently SivHD, one of the extremely famous streamers of the LoL village experienced this Tower of Fantasy game and suddenly encountered an extremely funny error. Accordingly, his character was suddenly “flattened” and the way this guy rotated the camera around his character made many viewers think of the Mario game.

It is not clear where this bug comes from, but SivHD himself has realized that when he equips the character with a cannon and exits quickly, this bug will appear. Just repeating a few times, the player’s character will look like a straight line that if you don’t pay close attention, you won’t be able to see your character anywhere.

To see a clear video about this error, Lagvn readers can visit THIS.

An unexpected advantage of this bug is that enemies won’t be able to detect him even if he gets very close to them, giving him a huge advantage in map exploration.

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Quickly, the developer Hotta Studio also posted an article to talk about the shortcomings of Tower of Fantasy and promise to solve the problem, as well as compensate those who are experiencing persistent errors such as: like this.

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