Fun moment when Camavinga and Vinicius JR

ViniJR posted on his Instagram account: ‘O Rio de Janeiro continua lindo. 🤍’






With the Gold Consent, Vinicius Jr. is marketing a brand-new, upscale Watch casing. Apply Witch cases in Rose Gold, Gold, Stainless Steel, and Gloss Black were made available in a limited quantity as part of the Brazilian Social Star.

The case is composed of surgical steel, a common alloy in the chemical and aerospace sectors where extreme corrosion resistance is required. Its construction includes more than 50 specially crafted parts. Multi. With the push of a button, wearers can rapidly attach and detach their accessories watch from the casing thanks to the “Hatch Bezel” patent.

Unique numbers are etched on the backs of the Royal Edition cases in Rose Gold, Stainless Steel, and Jet Black. In an 18K gold-plated casing, Golden Consort x Vini Jr. Vini Jr.’s signature and a unique number are etched on the Royal Edition Gold coin’s reverse. offered in extremely small numbers for R24 999 (Black and Silver) and R26 999 (Gold and Rose Gold).











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