Free Fire Max: Quickly get 29,999 diamonds and rewards in the Friends Callback event

You won’t want to miss the chance to get a huge amount of Diamonds during the Free Fire Max event.

The recent Friends Callback event was one of those, and it’s back as part of the Free Fire Max celebration. During this event, gamers will have a chance to get 29,999 Diamonds along with other rewards.

Instructions to receive 29,999 diamonds in the Free Fire Friends Callback event

Event period: August 27 to September 1

During the event period, players can claim Violet Beams Crates and Diamond Royale Coupons when they invite inactive players back into the game. The highlight of the event is the huge prize of 29,999 Diamonds. Lucky players will be able to get it through opening Violet Beams Crates.

Here’s how you can join the free event and rewards:

  • Open Free Fire MAX and go to events menu
  • Click the tab 5 year anniversary and select the event Friends Callback
  • Here you can see how to invite your friends back and get rewards.

Here is the list of rewards:

  • Call back a friend: 1 Violet Beams Crates and 1 Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Call Back Three Friends: 3 Violet Beams Crates, 2 Diamond Royale and Unite Coupons – FF 5th Anniversary
  • Call back 5 friends: 5 Violet Beams Crates and 3 Diamond Royale Coupons
  • Call Back Seven Friends: 7 Violet Beams Crates and 5 Diamond Royale Coupons

Players can get the following rewards after opening Violet Beams Crates:

  • 29,999 diamonds
  • Amethyst pentagon
  • Four amethyst pentagons
  • Three amethyst pentagons
  • Two amethyst pentagons
  • An Amethyst Pentagon

Note that inactive players must use the link provided by the event and your ID to claim the rewards.

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