Forget Martinez, Ten Hag won the £70m lottery who is worth every penny in 2022 World Cup

The business decisions that Manchester United made over the summer raised more than a few eyebrows, but none as many as those regarding the central defender Lisandro Martinez, who is only 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Even though he has been extremely dependable for the Red Devils so far this season, another player that the Dutchman brought in early on is currently outperforming him in Qatar. This is despite the fact that he has been extremely reliable for the Red Devils.

In point of fact , that arrival is that of Casemiro, who was jetted to England after an illustrious career as the anchor of a Real Madrid team that accomplished incredible feats. Casemiro was a member of the team that won the Champions League in 2014 and 2015. The staggering sum of £70 million was required to acquire Casemiro’s services.

Some people’s eyebrows were raised when they heard this price, and some pundits accused the United hierarchy of making a “desperate” bid, despite the fact that the player is still a world-class engine. Despite this, the United hierarchy maintained their stance that they would pay the fee.

Instead of Fabinho, who plays for Liverpool, Casemiro has been operating as Brazil’s deep-lying midfielder. Fabinho is currently playing for Liverpool. This serves to reaffirm Casemiro’s stature not only on the international stage but also the weight that he carries in the eyes of his managers. Casemiro is a very important player for Real Madrid.

And such an expression of faith has been wondrously repaid, with his self-assurance and unmatched physicality providing Brazil and the team’s creative flair to b/o/m/b forward, crushing the opposition with devastating effect.

United manager Erik ten Hag referred to the Brazilian juggernaut as “the cement between the stones” after the conclusion of the lucrative four-year deal that they had just signed with him. Casemiro had just come off of a successful run in the Champions League, in which he had won his fifth title and won the final against Liverpool for the second time. This triumph followed closely on the heels of the successful completion of the deal by United.

Casemiro, who will turn 30 later this year, has been playing in the defensive slot at the pit pot in the midfield. This is despite the fact that he is only 30 years old. He has been tasked with finishing the gritty jobs that have made it possible for Toni Kroos and Luka Modric to dominate the centre of the park with such supreme brilliance. This has made it possible for Toni Kroos and Luka Modric to dominate the centre of the park with such brilliance.

Casemiro’s standing on the international stage has been strengthened as a result of his participation in all 336 matches for Los Blancos, during which he scored 31 goals and provided 29 assists. Additionally, Casemiro’s contributions on the international stage have been highlighted by the fact that he has won all three Ballon d’Or awards.

Sofascore cites Qatar as the primary contributor to Casemiro’s meteoric rise. His overall performance in the competition, in which he has started all but one of the games, has earned him an average rating of 7.6 points for the competition.

The significance of his structured approach is highlighted by the fact that he has a successful pass completion rate of 84%, an average of 2.7 tackles per match, 1.0 clearances, and 2.0 interceptions. In addition, he has a high clearance rate of 100%.

The other players are able to flourish thanks to his robust and daring escapades on the field, and if he wasn’t there, there would appear to be a veritable chasm in the ranks of the Brazilian team. His teammates would be negatively affected by his absence, as demonstrated by the loss of 1-0 in the final match of the group stage against Cameroon, in which the anchor was not risked because qualification had already been achieved.

Zinedine Zidane, who was the manager of Real Madrid at the time, once referred to him as a “monster” in reference to one of his players. This nickname was bestowed upon him as a result of the ag/g/r/e/s/s/i/v/e and fearless manner in which he played the game, which is in and of itself a significant component.

The star defender is estimated to be worth £43 million by FBref and ranks extremely highly among defensive statistics when compared to midfielders in Europe’s big five leagues. He is in the top 1% for blocks and aerials won, the top 3% for clearances, and the top 7% for tackles. In addition, he is in the top 1% for tackling.

These metrics provide a clear indication as to why United spent such a significant amount of money on a player who had already reached his 30th birthday. This player was already a professional athlete. Despite the fact that he may have won everything in Spain, he is not exhibiting any signs of slowing down, and it is possible that he will lead the Red Devils to glory in the years to come. It’s possible that he took first place in Spain.

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