Forget De Jong, Man Utd have ‘plan B’ with Bellingham for only €30m ‘talent’

In the summer of 2023, Manchester United will have the opportunity to sign a quality midfielder at a price that is within their financial means. This opportunity will arise during the summer transfer window. The transfer window is when you will have the chance to seize this opportunity.

It is anticipated that Manchester United will strengthen their roster by adding additional midfielders once the current season comes to a close and that they will sign some of these players. This is because there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the professional trajectories of Donny van de Beek and Scott McTominay.

Even Fred has only agreed to an extension option for a single year at this point, and it would be extremely beneficial for United to have a younger midfielder who could help relieve some of the pressure that Casemiro and Christian Eriksen are carrying.

Marcel Sabitzer could be rented by Manchester United, but Frenkie de Jong and Jude Bellingham are also of interest to the club. There is a possibility that Manchester United will make an inquiry about renting Marcel Sabitzer. Manchester United is also considering Frenkie de Jong and Jude Bellingham as potential additions to their roster.

Kouadio “Manu” Kone, who plays in the middle of the field for Borussia Moenchengladbach, is another player who should be taken into consideration and is worthy of your attention. Footmercato reported in 2021 that Manchester United had interest in signing Kone while he was still playing for Toulouse. At the time, Footmercato stated that this interest occurred while Kone was still in the league.

Footmercato reported at the time that this interest surfaced while Kone was still actively playing in the league. At the time in question, Kone’s career with the French club was somewhere in the middle of its trajectory.

According to a report from the year prior that was published in L’Equipe, Manchester United reportedly maintained their interest in signing Kone despite the ꜰᴀᴄᴛ that he was playing in the Bundesliga at the time the report was published. The report made this point very clear. Kone has started from the beginning for Gladbach in every game that the club has played so far this season, beginning with the very first match and continuing through the twenty-first.

Both the French star and De Jong have an impressively wide range of abilities in their toolkits. Throughout the course of this season, he has completed accurate passes in his own half of the field 92% of the time and has averaged 2.7 tackles per game on the defensive side of the ball. During the course of this season, he has also averaged 2.7 tackles per game. In addition, he has recorded 2.7 tackles on average per game so far this season.

The defensive midfielder is only 21 years old, and as a result, he has a great deal of potential to advance in his career over the course of the upcoming years. Notably, Fussball Transfers reported that Kone could be allowed to leave this summer for only 30 million euros if the club agrees to the deal.

This is notable because it is important to note that Kone could be allowed to leave this summer. This is significant because it is essential to keep in mind that Kone may be given permission to depart during the summer. This is significant due to the ꜰᴀᴄᴛ that the departure of Kone would not have a significant effect on the company’s finances.

Considering that this is a very reasonable price to pay for a player whose market value is projected to skyrocket over the next five years, it would be beneficial to ᴘᴜʀᴄʜᴀsᴇ the player. The price of the player is expected to skyrocket over the next five years due to the ꜰᴀᴄᴛ that it is anticipated that the player’s market value will rapidly increase.

As Manchester United get ready for the upcoming season and get ready to compete in a variety of different environments, they will have an additional backup plan for the position of Casemiro thanks to the ᴘᴜʀᴄʜᴀsᴇ of Kone. This will allow Manchester United to have more options. This will become feasible going forward as a direct result of Manchester United’s acquisition of Kone.


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