Mohamed Salah was aттacked by Islamisтs on social media for wishing on Christmas

Mohamed Salah was also aттacked earlier when he said that he doesn’t consume aᶅcohol because he doesn’t feel like and many Islamists felt he should be a proud Muslim and say it as it is that aᶅcohol is haram (prohibited) in Islam.

Another one of Mohamed Salah’s Christmas wishes has been “cancelled” because the football player expressed them on the holiday. On December 24 (local time), the star player for Liverpool FC, Mohamed Salah, uploaded a photo to Instagram with the message “Merry Christmas,” which featured a picture of his family seated in front of a blue Christmas Tree. The happy family portrait was met with backlash from a significant number of Muslim users across a variety of social media sites; as a result, he was called out by name in the comments section of both Twitter and Instagram. Salah is a footballer from Egypt who now plays forward for the Premier League club Liverpool. He is also the captain of Egypt’s national football team.

Instagram User yxsm._ wrote, “Just as a reminder to everyone who is nonmuslim, WE MUSLIMS DO NOT CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS. It’s associating partners with God bc we believe he has no partners or children, and this is a major sin to believe!!!”

An additional Instagram user named black kiinnng voiced their disapproval at a Muslim celebrating Christmas by writing, “Can’t believe dis every year the same thing a big influencer like you taking part in this paganism event this is not from the Quran this is not from the sunnah this is shirk my beloved brother Mohamed first and foremost before a footballer your a Muslim away from the faɱe and clout one day you will have to answer to Allah azawajal as to May Allah lead us all Ameen.”

Instagram user chochoky19 declared Salah should change his name and said, “He doesn’t deserve Muhammad’s name at all. Our prophet Muhammad didn’t and could never celebrate Christmas.”

Instagram user jvzsminee warned him that ‘Allah is watching’ and said, “Do u realise Allah can still see through the walls of ur house and u can’t hide ur Christmas tree.”

Social media influencer who has over 1 million followers Alinur Mohamed (honalinur) also questioned Salah. He said, “We thought you were a role model and the best ambassador for your religion to influence others. We did not expect you to be affected and to share with them (cursing and cursing God), Salah. Don’t be like someone who sells his religion with a little offer from God. Congratulate them for faɱe or your satisfaction or money! “Whoever pleases people with God’s wrath, God will be angry with him and people will be angry with him”.

Instagram user itssidalou said, “Astagfirullah. If you celebrate Christmas, it indicates that you consider Jesus Christ to be your lord and that you recognize that his birthday is on December 25. When in reality, nobody knows when his birthday was, and prophets don’t celebrate their special day because it was never mentioned in the Bible. If you are a Muslim, you should not celebrate Christmas, and you should not encourage your children to do so. Parents who do not teach their children about their religion are held accountable before Allah. May Allah guide you.”

Twitter was no different. Twitter user Saif said, “I’m convinced that he does this just to pιss off Muslims on social media. Anyways this is the guy y’all take as your role model?”

I’m convinced that he does this just to pιss off muslims on social media.

Anyways this is the guy y’all take as your role model ?

— ‎Saif (@S41Fx) December 25, 2022

Another Twitter user SMA, said, “This guy is dumb. Has his brains in his feet, that’s why he’s a kicking a ball for a living.”

Twitter user JaSori said, “This is against the teachings of the Islam, you can say Merry Christmas but you’re not allowed to celebrate it like this. Totally disgraceful.”

Past’ cancellations’ of Salah

The Islamists have canceled Salah on social media in the past for a variety of reasons, so this is not the first time they have done so. In September, he was fired for expressing his sorrow over the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. In a tweet, Salah said that the people of Great Britain and the rest of the world are paying honor to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and saying their last goodbyes. In a tweet, he said, “My thoughts are with the Royal Family on this momentous and emotional day.” “My thoughts are with the Royal Family.” After he tweeted it, Islamists from all over the world began aттacking him on various social media platforms.

Because he posted a picture of himself and his family celebrating Christmas in December 2021, his Muslim credentials were revoked at that time. This was the third year in a row that his Christmas images had angered admirers of the Muslim faith, who believed that it was improper for him to partake in the religious ceremonies of another faith.

He was also aттacked earlier when he said that he does not consume aᶅcohol because he does not feel like it. Many Islamists felt that he should be a proud Muslim and say that aᶅcohol is haram (prohibited) in Islam, but he said that he doesn’t consume aᶅcohol because he doesn’t feel like it. This caused him to come under aттack.

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