FIFA officially issued a penalty to 2 big teams at the World Cup

Following the nasty behavior displayed by both Croatia and Serbia at the 2022 World Cup, FIFA has decided to impose a fine in the five-figure range on both countries.

Following their infractions of the regulations during the World Cup this year, the national football federations of Croatia and Serbia were both recently issued fines by FIFA.

The nation of Croatia has been accused of “using words and things to express themes that were unsuitable for a sporting event.”

After the fans of Croatia insulted Canadian goalkeeper Milan Borjan, who is of Serbian origin, FIFA has decided to punish Croatia £43,500, which is equivalent to $53,000 in American currency.

A poster that was hoisted by Croatian fans during Canada’s loss by a score of 4-1 showed the American tractor company John Deere, with the marketing slogan modified to read “Borjan’s goal.” He was born in the Serb ethnic region of Croatia, but he and his family were forced to flee their birthplace in 1995 when the city was in conflict with Croatia. Today, he is Canada’s number one goalie.

Because of this, the Croatians made fun of Borjan and stated that this player had gotten away on a tractor and then settled down in Canada to make a new life for himself there.

In the meantime, the Serbian Football Federation has been handed a punishment of £17,500 ($21,300) because a political banner was exhibited in their locked room prior to their group stage match against Brazil.

The banner, which displays a map of Serbia that includes the autonomous nation along with the motto “No Surrender,” is thought to be connected to the region that is immediately adjacent to Kosovo. Last month, the Football Federation of Kosovo lodged an official complaint with FIFA against the flag, and FIFA ultimately decided to uphold the complaint.

After having a poor showing at the World Cup in 2022, Serbia was forced to immediately return home because they finished in last place in Group G. On the other hand, Croatia had a difficult path to the quarterfinals and will face the team that finished second at the world championship. Brazil will host the 2018 World Cup. The match will take place on September 12th.

FIFA President was smeared in the middle of the street in his hometown because of the 2022 World Cup

FIFA president Gianni Infantino is being criticized by “the spearhead” in addition to the scandal surrounding Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is anticipated to be the most extravagant and costly World Cup in the tournament’s lengthy history. As a result, Qatar has invested hundreds of billions of dollars and a great deal of public opinion regarding the opaque structure of the Middle Eastern nation.

When prominent international journalists and human rights organizations intervened to investigate the deaths of migrant workers during the construction of the 2022 World Cup, the situation escalated further. As a result, The most influential football association on the planet came under heavy fire for supposedly “covering” for Qatar.

Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, most recently made an unfavorable appearance in his hometown of Brig, Switzerland.

Particularly, at this time in the middle of the day, a human rights organization by the name of AVAAZ publicly slandered the most powerful guy in the football world. The mask caught the attention of the audience and the media as it appeared to be ridiculing Mr. Infantino.

The messages from this collection of organizations were also accompanied by a distorted image of FIFA President Sepp Blatter. To be more precise, phrases like “Compensate the families of the victims, now,” “Thousands of people like them are victims of the World Cup,” or “Infantino: His family is likewise that immigrant,”

It is well known that this movement, which is being supported by AVAAZ, aims to demand equal rights and compensation for families of sick loved ones from FIFA and the host nation of Qatar.

The nation that will be hosting the 2022 World Cup vehemently denies the significant death toll that has previously been reported by the media. This is the main cause of the World Football Federation’s inability to come up with a proper response to this tragedy.

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