FIFA applies ‘special format’ at the 2022 World Cup final

FIFA strengthened and set highly severe regulations for the management of the match with an event of such importance as the World Cup final 2022.

FIFA has finally decided to let Polish official Syzmon Marciniak officiate the Argentina vs. France World Cup final in 2022. As a result, Mr. Syzmon Marciniak had to pass through a long line of competitive candidates and stringent requirements before earning FIFA’s trust.

The black king was chosen by FIFA for the 2022 World Cup final based on a number of very severe criteria, as is well known. The referee’s country of origin is accorded top attention in particular. Due to official rules, the referee will not be affiliated with a federation that includes any of the two teams indicated above (Argentina vs France).

FIFA did not select referees from the continents of the two competing teams, even to prevent needless controversy. South American referees are therefore not nominated to oversee Argentina’s games. The same standards cannot, however, be applied as they are in South America due to the overly broad reach of European arbitrations.

Because of this, Mr. Syzmon Marciniak, the Pole who officiated the Argentina-France World Cup final in 2022, was chosen instead of South American referees Raphael Claus (Brazil), Wilton Sampaio (Brazil), Jesus Valenzuela (Brazil), and Venezuela.

Following that, FIFA also did not assign the referees who had already overseen the semifinal and quarterfinal matches. FIFA seeks to maintain impartiality and fairness for both games and referees, even though the law does not forbid this.

The fact that Mr. Syzmon Marciniak oversaw both the France and Argentina games at the 2022 World Cup is a major benefit. Australia 1-2 Argentina (round of 1/8), where the Polish referee is the black monarch, and France 2-1 Dan Circuit (group stage). He did not have to blow any penalties or bring up any contentious situations; he just had to draw a total of five yellow cards.

As can be seen, FIFA had to self-apply new rules to limit controversy and encourage objectivity in order for the planning and execution of the 2022 World Cup final to proceed well.

Referee Syzmon Marciniak will be assisted by Polish officials Pawe Sokolnicki and Tomasz Listkiewicz in the 2022 World Cup final. The third-place match between Croatia and Morocco will be officiated by three referees from the host nation of Qatar, comprising referee Abdulrahman Al Jassim and two assistants, Taleb Al Marri and Saoud Ahmed Almaqaleh.

Benzema will return to the France team to play the World Cup final?

Karim Benzema, a forward, has said that he may make a post-injury trip back to France to watch the 2022 World Cup final.

After France defeated Morocco 2-0 in the semifinals, speculation spread that star striker Karim Benzema may join Les Bleus for the championship match. The 34-year-old striker’s terrible injury has now improved his health.

Benzema’s eligibility to play for France in the 2022 World Cup final match against Argentina has recently been made clear. The 2022 Golden Ball consequently turned down this chance.

The Spanish news outlet Relevo revealed that Benzema made the decision not to travel to Qatar to represent France in the 2022 World Cup final matchup with Argentina. Despite being eligible for a medal, the 34-year-old striker has other plans.

Benzema reportedly felt uneasy and “hurt” by Deschamps’ impersonal remarks and lack of compassion. Therefore, even when called by the 54-year-old coach, he has no plans to travel to Qatar.

On November 19, Benzema experienced a difficulty and had to end his workout in Qatar. Soon after, he visited a hospital in Doha for an MRI where it was discovered that he had a left quadriceps muscle damage and would require more than 3 weeks to heal.

After speaking with coach Deschamps and doctor Franck Le Gall, striker Karim Benzema was taken off the list for the 2022 World Cup, the French Football Federation (FFF) announced the removal that evening. Deschamps’ choice, in Benzema’s opinion, was “too quick,” as the player still has time to heal before the 2022 World Cup ends.

Relevo claims that Benzema believes it to be “unreasonable” for him to join the French team now, with only the final remaining, in Qatar. On December 15, the FFF extended an offer for him to return to Doha in order to watch and support his teammates as they competed for the gold cup with Argentina, but he declined.

Didier Deschamps, France’s head coach, discussed the potential of calling up Karim Benzema once more to play in the 2022 World Cup final during the news conference following the victory over Morocco: “I really don’t want to respond to that inquiry (about Benzema returning to the World Cup). re – PV). I’m sorry “.

On December 17 in the evening, Benzema was seen participating in team practice, as shown on the Real Madrid website. The attacker, who is 34 years old, took part in a Leganes club workout.

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