Farewell to De Gea, Man Utd finally agrees to break the bank to recruit Portugal’s ‘New Messiah’

It would appear that Manchester United has been considering the prospect of acquiring Costa for some time now. In point of fact, it has been well known for a considerable amount of time that they are supporters of the Porto goalkeeper.

The month of October marked the beginning of speculations that the goalie would be going to Old Trafford shortly after the end of the season.

It is not hard to comprehend the rationale behind Manchester United’s desire to acquire Costa as a player. Already at the age of 23, he is Portugal’s starting goalkeeper for their national team. He represents his country on the international stage.

While they were competing in the World Cup, he took part in each and every one of their games as a player. It would not be fair to assess Costa to have had a terrible tournament just based on the fact that they were eliminated in the quarterfinals. This would be an unfair judgment.

In point of fact, for the whole of the competition, he never conceded more than one goal to his opponent in any one game that they played against him. In spite of the fact that he was involved in a tight situation against Ghana, his squad was nevertheless able to emerge victorious in the opening match of the competition.

It is believed that one of the key reasons why United and other teams are interested in the goaltender is owing to his performance at the club level. Other teams may also be interested in him because to his performance at the international level.

He participated in 33 league games the season before and allowed just 22 goals, which was the lowest total in the league. He recorded a total of 15 clean sheets throughout the course of the season.

In a manner similar to the last term, this one has continued. Costa and his Porto defense have kept the opposition from scoring in more than half of their games, as seen by their six clean sheets in the 13 games they have played so far in Liga Portugal.

Costa appears to be in line to replace David De Gea as Manchester United’s primary goalkeeper. He has the knowledge and expertise required.

Speculations have said that Erik ten Hag would be delighted to welcome the Portuguese player to the team.

It’s possible that De Gea will be replaced sooner rather than later as a result of discussions concerning his contract. AS claims that some United players have allegedly “executed” their rights to a one-year automatic contract extension.

These players include people like Luke Shaw, Marcus Rashford, Diogo Dalot, and Fred, to name a few examples. In contrast, it is not possible to say the same thing about De Gea. However, they are calling for a decrease in the compensation that is given to the Spaniard.

United appears to have no difficulty keeping him at the club, but not at the large wage he presently gets, which is reputedly £375,000 per week; they would rather see him accept a pay cut of £100,000 than maintain him at his current salary of £375,000 per week.

It would appear that this is the most significant barrier in the way of the new arrangement. If De Gea does not exercise his option to extend his current deal at Old Trafford, he will be free to leave the club at the end of the current season without incurring any further obligations.

In the event that something like this takes place, United will want to make sure that a competent replacement is in place. Given the attention they have focused on Costa, it would not be unexpected at all if it turned out that he was the person in issue.

According to the information that AS has provided, Manchester United is planning to “go for the signing of him.” According to the Associated Press, that signing has a fair possibility of being profitable and “may conceivably smash the transfer record” for a goaltender. This would be a significant accomplishment.

Reports indicate that the buyout price for his company is somewhere in the vicinity of £65 million. As a result of Chelsea’s signing of goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga for a reported sum of roughly £70 million, the club now holds the record for the most expensive goalkeeper signing in the history of the sport.

It would not surprise me in the least if United paid somewhere close to that much for Costa. He is a very valuable player. It is feasible that United will demonstrate that they have the ability to stretch their financial muscles if they take this course of action.

Since Manchester United has never struggled with their finances, the club will no longer need to be concerned about the burden of paying Cristiano Ronaldo’s wage now that he has left. This is because the club will no longer be responsible for him.

Given that they were unable to get Gakpo’s services, it is possible that they would choose to make a substantial financial commitment in order to demonstrate that they are able to entice significant players to join the club.


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