Fans are concerned that Resident Evil 4 Remake will not have too many breakthroughs compared to the old version

Although highly anticipated, many gamers are still afraid that Resident Evil 4 Remake will not have too many breakthroughs compared to its old version.

At a recent conversation with the producer Resident Evil 7 right on the official channel BiohazardShinji Mikami, the father of Resident Evil 4 Remake There have also been shares related to the remake of the popular Resident Evil 4 for a while.

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Accordingly, in addition to great improvements related to graphics, the development team also said that what they changed is just the camera view, when players will have the experience of following Leon’s shoulder in every scene. . This change in perspective is determined to make every movement of the game much more realistic.

Mikami also spoke out explaining this sharing that: “We did not intend to be too creative in the early stages of developing this project, but when it came to the last minute, the team decided that they had to do it. something with the game’s camera angle, and the result is stunning.”

He also said that the first person to praise this change was Masahiro Sakuraithe father of the game series Super Smash Broseven asked who came up with the way to set the angle like this, along with a lot of compliments on the creativity of the development team.

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However, what makes Takeuchi – People working on the Lost Planet project are concerned that the Resident Evil 4 Remake version, apart from an interesting perspective, its breakthroughs is still a big question mark. When the information related to this game is to recreate the old version with a newer, more majestic appearance.


This is also a common concern of the gaming community, because with the success of these versions Resident Evil Previously, Resident Evil 4 Remake could hardly overcome the too large shadow of its predecessors. Of course, for many gamers, they still look forward to content improvements, thereby making Resident Evil 4 Remake becomes more attractive for those who have experienced the old Resident Evil 4.

This is not the first time that a Remake version has raised concerns about boring content, because Resident Evil 2, 3 Remake has faced a lot of complaints due to not having too many breakthroughs in gameplay or plot. story. If this really happens, this will be a step backwards for Remake products from the Resident Evil franchise.

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