Erling Haaland Steals the Show: Inside Dolce and Gabbana’s Exclusive Alta Moda Runway Event

Nobody was having more fun at Dolce and Gabbana’s exclusive Alta Moda show than the Manchester City player.

One of the hottest players in football at the moment is Erling Haaland of Norway. because he consistently scores goals. 52, to be exact, last year. Not only does that make Pep Guardiola, his manager, extremely happy, but it also means he wins more Player of the Season awards. Additionally, he is dressed as though he is having the time of his life (reader: which he is).

The guests are of the highest caliber. Along with Haaland, there are Venus Williams, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and brand ambassador Kim Kardashian. The 6’4″ football player also appeared to fit in just fine. He wore a custom, loose, double-breasted pale blue suit along with a matching V-neck sweater vest, open-toe sandals, and a matching sweater. Big sunglasses in the top, like Kurt Cobain. It was a City-related fit, as he noted in the caption of the Instagram photo in which he is wearing the suit, and it was a sign of his ascent to high fashion proper.

You wouldn’t be wrong to assume that this is the start of Haaland’s official role as a proper fashion guy given his new position on the circuit. He imitates what has been happening elsewhere by showing up at the Dolce and Gabbana runway show. Fashion companies have entered the field and claimed the famous players for themselves. Gucci has acquired the rights to Jack Grealish. The Florentine brand’s Adidas partnership was fronted by Mo Salah. Marcus Rashford and Son Heung-min were selected as Burberry’s campaign ambassadors.

It won’t be long before the next stop on Haaland’s explosive menswear ride is a campaign.









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