Erik ten Hag’s obsession at Manchester United is reveɑled by Casemiro

Erik ten Hag’s obsession at Manchester United has been reveɑled by midfielder Casemiro ahead of the Manchester derby against Manchester City at Old Trafford in the Premier League.

Manchester United are on an eight-match winning streak heading into tonight’s Premier League match against Manchester City at Old Trafford (14-1). Based on Casemiro’s comments, coach Erik ten Hag is pleased with that statistic.

Casemiro reveɑled that coach Erik ten Hag was “obsessed” with winning and resurrecting MU. Casemiro, the Brazilian star who joined United from Real Madrid for more than £60 million, is arguably Ten Hag’s best signing of the summer transfer window.

Casemiro joined Manchester United for a fee in excess of £60 million. MIRROR PHOTO

Casemiro has worked under some of football’s most famous coaches, including Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane, but he believes Ten Hag’s unwavering desire to win is what sets him apart.

‘He’s definitely a coach obsessed with winning,’ Casemiro said of coach Erik ten Hag. In my experience, very few coaches are as obsessed with winning as I am. Erik ten Hag is a competitive person who strives for excellence even in training.

Ten Hag is a hardworking manager who expects a lot from his players in order to keep us at our best, which is very important to us. Ten Hag is a manager who wants to see Manchester United succeed. That is one of his most notable characteristics.

Casemiro confessed Ten Hag’s obsession is to win and help Manchester United reclaim their former glory. GETTY PHOTO

Not only Ten Hag, but all of the assistant coaches who came after him were the same way. Ten Hag is the new manager at MU, and he is attempting to introduce his philosophy and management style. It is too early to judge it in terms of football; it is also too early to implement his philosophy and bring in his own players.

But MU is growing, and we are getting to know the manager better. This is critical for winning championships. We understand that it is a process, and it is critical that we adapt quickly.

When you look at successful managers in England or at other clubs, you will notice that they all have time. It is true that we are in very good shape, on a great trajectory that produces great results, but these things will take time.”

Casemiro is confident that MU’s eight-match winning streak will be extended to nine after the match against Premier League champions Man City. With 35 points, MU is currently ranked fourth in the Premier League, four points behind Man City and nine points behind the top team, Arsenal.

Casemiro is regarded as Ten Hag’s most successful signing at MU. GETTY PHOTO

‘Our enthusiasm for the game is always high, especially given our good form,’ Casemiro added. We know it will be a difficult game against such a strong team, but we hope to come out on top.

We know how difficult this is because they have a strong team with a great manager. But we know that anything is possible in football, and we will be playing at home, where the fans will be crucial. The fans must stick with us until the game is over.

It’s undeniably a great time, and we’re in great shape. However, I would like to refer to it as a process, specifically an adaptive process. Adapting to the manager’s style of play, the arrival of new, high-quality players who contribute to the team, and the presence of excellent players at MU.

The Manchester derby promises to be unpredictable. MIRROR PHOTO

It was an exciting and wonderful moment. I prefer to keep my feet on the ground and remain calm. Things are going well, we are progressing and improving, but it is important to remain humble and firm as Manchester United continues to grow. We intend to keep improving in order to win trophies.”

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