Erik ten Hag wants ‘another name to leave OTF right away’ after Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure


According to reports, the manager of Manchester United, Erik ten Hag, wants to sign a right-back in the January transfer window if the club can sell Aaron Wan-bissaka in the January transfer window. Cristiano Ronaldo has already left Old Trafford, so Erik ten Hag is looking to fill the void left by Ronaldo’s departure.

United made the announcement that Ronaldo would be leaving the club on Tuesday evening, citing that the parting was “by mutual agreement” as the reason for the decision.

The 37-year-old player, who is representing Portugal at the World Cup in Qatar right now, will be looking for a new club after the tournament. As of right now, he is a free agent, which means he is free to go wherever he wants.


The decision was made after his explosive interview with Piers Morgan, in which he criticised the Glazer family, who are the owners of the club, as well as Ten Hag, amongst other people.

Old Trafford is off limits to the legendary forward in every possible way going forward.

On the other hand, it’s possible that he won’t be the only player to leave the club within the next few months.


It has been reported that Ten Hag has made the acquisition of a right back for the position of Diogo Dalot a very high priority for the month of January in order to provide further competition for him.

According to a report published by The Telegraph, the Dutchman has reportedly requested that the club sign a new player in the event that they are successful in selling Wan-bissaka, who is regarded as being “surplus to requirements.”

It is also reported that Manchester United will only be able to buy a right-back player if they are successful in selling the former Crystal Palace defender. This is because selling the player will free up transfer funds for Manchester United.

In 2019, the forward, who is now 25 years old, made the move from Crystal Palace to Manchester United. During his first two seasons with the club, he racked up 69 Premier League appearances out of a possible 76 during his time there. In 2019, he made the move to Manchester United.

According to Tribuna, during the year 2020, he made 98 tackles, which was more than any other player in the division made during the same time period. As a result, he led the division in the category of tackles made.

However, a number of fans were dissatisfied with Wan-play bissaka’s in the attacking third, and as a direct consequence of this, Dalot has displaced him as the first-choice option for the remainder of the current campaign.

Since August 22, when United defeated Liverpool by a score of 2-1, the defender has been sidelined with an injury and has not played for any of United’s games since. The chances of his team improving as a result of this are incredibly low.

If Manchester United makes the decision to sell him in January, then that game will most likely be the last time he competes for the Red Devils while wearing their jersey.

The international break that was caused by the World Cup will end for Ten Hag and his team when they play Burnley in the Carabao Cup on December 21. This match will mark the return to competitive action for both Ten Hag and his team.

After that, their next league matches are scheduled to take place against Nottingham Forest (on December 27) and Wolves before the start of the new year.

PSG billionaire Qatar owners make decision on ditching Ligue 1 club to buy Man United

As Manchester United prepares to put the club up for sale, prospective pᴜгcɦαsers from the Middle East are touring Old Trafford in preparation for the transaction…

An auction for Manchester United is going to take place in the coming months, as the current owners, the Glazer family, stated on Tuesday that they are interested in either a partial or full sale of the club. As a result of this announcement, which was made by the Glazer family, Manchester United’s current owners, an auction for the club is going to take place. The majority of Manchester United’s fans, however, have experienced a dampening of the exuberance they felt at the prospect of the end of an unpopular regime that had lasted for 17 years. This is due to the fear that Manchester United will become a club that is funded by the state.

Just a few hours after the Red Devils announced that Cristiano Ronaldo had left the club with mutual consent, the Glazers dwarfed that news by welcoming investment with the goal of eventually relinquishing control of Old Trafford entirely. This announcement came just a few hours after the Red Devils announced that Cristiano Ronaldo had left the club with mutual consent. This was made abundantly clear by the fact that the brokerage firm Raine Group was brought on board, and they were the ones accountable for seeing to it that the sale of Chelsea’s property was finalised the month before.

Since Manchester City’s bitter rivals Abu Dhabi took control of the club in 2008, supporters of Manchester United have maintained a morale advantage over those of Manchester City. This is due to the fact that Manchester United is owned by the city of Manchester. However, there are concerns that other parties from the Middle East may be interested in purchasing the club. These parties might come from either the public or the private sector. On the other side, Qatari investors will not be taking part in the competition in any capacity.

It has been reported by the Telegraph that Qatar Sports Investments have categorically denied any interest in purchasing United from the Glazer family and have put an end to any speculation regarding a potential pᴜгcɦαse of the club. They have emphasised that their long-term focus will continue to be on the French giants Paris Saint-Germain, who are now joined by Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia as unlikely successors. Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi are both countries in the Middle East.

As a result of the Glazers’ unexpected announcement, however, there is still a possibility that United will be inherited by a state-sponsored project. This has caused alarm bells to sound in Dubai. There is a possibility that the Investment Corporation of Dubai, which is a component of the sovereign infrastructure of the state of Dubai, would be interested in purchasing the 20-time England champions.

Another prominent suitor is Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who was raised in Oldham and is now a billionaire. Ratcliffe was born in Oldham. Following his initial declaration of interest in purchasing the club a few months ago, the United supporter who is one of the wealthiest men in Britain is reportedly planning to make an offer to pᴜгcɦαse the team. The report comes after the initial declaration of interest the United supporter made in purchasing the team. However, the current owner of Ineos is apprehensive of the asking price, which is anticipated to demand more than £5 billion from any prospective pᴜгcɦαser.

Ratcliffe’s attempt to acquire Chelsea was unsuccessful because the businessman waited too long before making an official approach, which caused him to miss the window of opportunity to do so. However, he has rejoined United despite the fact that his company had stated in the past that they were concentrating on their future at the helm of OGC pleasant, and he is going to be a popular candidate among those who will vote for him.

It has been speculated that the Glazers would like a speedy transaction, but considering the magnitude of the prize that is currently up for grabs, it is more probable that the process will be prolonged out. And even though it appears that Qatar has been eliminated from contention, it is still not possible to rule out the chance of one of the other Gulf states blowing their rivals out of the water.


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