Erik ten Hag speaks out after Man Utd successfully made four great contracts

Coach Erik ten Hag has expressed MU’s determination and goals this season after the club successfully renewed with 4 players.

On the eve of the return of the Premier League, Manchester United announced the good news to the fans when officially successfully extending the contract with 4 players including Marcus Rashford, Luke Shaw, Diogo Dalot and Fred.

These are all names that are considered the “future” of MU and head coach Erik ten Hag himself has repeatedly expressed that the club must try to keep them. With the club’s success this time, the Dutch strategist is naturally delighted.

Speaking on MUTV, coach Erik ten Hag said: “Yes, I am happy that the club is on the right track. We want to build a team for the future and these players are part of the plan. That’s it. why we came to that decision and make sure it’s the right one.”

During the 2022 World Cup, MU officially said goodbye to Cristiano Ronaldo after his sҺocking interview with journalist Piers Morgan was published. However, the separation of the two sides is also something that will happen sooner or later because the Red Devils are currently in the process of building for the future.

Ronaldo leaves to create conditions for young players to have a “land” to shine (Image: Getty)

Looking at the current situation, MU absolutely has a chance to reach the top 4 in the Premier League as well as get a certain title this season. If it can be done, this is definitely a great success for coach Erik ten Hag after only 1 season leading the Red Devils.

And the four new contracts meɴtioned above promise to be a big spiritual “k𝔦ck” for MU before the season is about to return. They are all names that are in good form as well as impressive performances, especially after the last 2022 World Cup.

Man Utd should be decisive with the 120 million deal before it’s too late

The Old Trafford team needs to quickly finish the contract named Enzo Fernandez when many clubs are eyeing the 2022 World Cup champion. The World Cup is a big tournameɴt and also a stage for potential faces to express themselves. And on the way to the throne, Argentina has presented to the world a promising name that is Enzo Fernandez. In fɑct, the midfielder in 2001 has played impressively since joining the Benfica shirt in the summer of 2022.

However, after a brilliant performance in Qatar, Enzo Fernandez has attracted the attention of the big boys, especially Manchester United. CNN Portugal and Mais Futbol reveɑled that the Old Trafford team is ready to spend 120 million euros to activate the contract release clause of the 21-year-old player right in the summer market of 2023.

Enzo Fernandez’s price skyrocketed after the 2022 World Cup.

Obviously, the red half of Manchester needs to be quick when many big meɴ are also eyeing the Argentina player. Typically the case of Liverpool, the club has a close relationship with Benfica when spending tons of money on the Darwin Nunez deal. However, with the staff that coach Erik ten Hag owns, the Red Devils have more reasons to be more determined.

At a glance, Manchester United possesses a class of midfield, including names like Casemiro or Christian Eriksen. However, keep in mind that this duo has turned 30 years old and is no longer capable of long-term dedication to the Old Trafford team. On the other hand, coach Erik ten Hag is considering pushing Fred away, even if he has just been extended for another year.

Enzo Fernandez is a future signing and a perfect fit for the Red Devils. If they want to recruit former River Plate player right in the Eastern market, the Red Devils will hardly succeed. Because, after a series of expensive signatures ahead of the 2022/23 season, Manchester United’s budget is dwindling and the leadership is also tightening spending.

However, the summer of 2023 is a different story. Enzo Fernandez can bring many things to the red half of Manchester, not only because he is the best young player of the 2022 World Cup. The strength of the midfielder born in 2001 is the ability to move around, play directly and ready to launch long-distance passes to create mutations.

The player on the Benfica payroll plays confidently despite his young age.

In addition, long-range shooting is also a powerful weapon of the 21-year-old boy. It’s been a long time since Paul Scholes retired, and the midfield of the Reds has not appeared a confident player with long-range cɑnnon shots. However, after the matches against Mexico, Poland, the Netherlands or Croatia, Enzo Fernandez showed how scary he is every time he appears in front of the 16m50 round.

Coach Erik ten Hag wants Frenkie de Jong, but the Dutch player is not very interested in Manchester United when the club has not won a place in the Champions League. Therefore, Enzo Fernandez may be a more suitable option. This is the time when the Old Trafford team needs to speed up before Liverpool “raise their hands” and make their big rivɑl hold a grudge.


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