Erik ten Hag gives the club’s most iconic shirt number to ‘brightest OTF star’

In the wake of Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United, Erik ten Hag has been cautioned against giving up the No. 7 shirt in a hasty manner.

After getting into a fight with Ten Hag, the superstar, who is now 37 years old, has just left Old Trafford. Ten Hag is currently preparing herself for life after the World Cup, when he won’t be there. When Ronaldo left the club, he took a lot of drama with him, and he also took the number that would become the most famous in the club’s history.

David Beckham, George Best, Bryan Robson, and Eric Cantona all wore it at one point or another. When Ronaldo rejoined the Red Devils for a second time in August of 2021, he wore the jersey again for the first time. Even though Alejandro Garnacho has only started one game in the Premier League so far, there are those who believe he should be given the opportunity to compete for the No. 7 position now that it is vacant.

Wes Brown, a former United player who played with Ronaldo, told the Metro, “Maybe not just yet, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.” “He is a great young player, and I love the way he plays, how he goes after the ball, and how he wants to win. Sometimes it’s like, “Give me the ball, and I’ll give it back to you right away.”

“However, he doesn’t give a damn about that. He is eager to demonstrate his superiority to everyone. He has a strong desire to perform well, not only for himself but also for his team. I believe that the manager made the right decision to hold off on using him for a considerable amount of time at the beginning of the season. I am aware that he has been working out with the other guys on a daily basis, and I believe that he has been a little frustrated that he hasn’t been able to contribute sooner.

However, by allowing himself to feel and express that anger, he was able to demonstrate that he is capable of contributing to the success of this team. At this point, all that remains is to finish doing that.”

Alejandro Garnacho has been the breakout star of Man Utd’s season (Image:¬†Getty Images)

Despite the fact that Garnacho’s recent play has won over the supporters of Old Trafford, Ten Hag’s starting lineup for Manchester United does not include the Argentine international who was born in Spain. When he scored the game-winning goal in the 94th minute against Fulham just before the World Cup break, he had only come on as a substitute. Brown added that the Red Devils have a lot of wingers who are capable of stopping Garnacho, but he can’t find anything wrong with the young superstar at the moment.

“Garnacho is expected to maintain his playing time if he continues to perform well despite the presence of a large number of wide players, each of whom competes for the same positions. He steps everyone [elselevelsup,” ]’s The beloved player of the fans who helped United win 11 trophies has moved on.

“It is a huge help that we have a lot of people who are capable of playing in those positions. If everyone is arguing with each other and no one is acting sulky, it makes things easier for the manager, but it’s better for the fans. That’s what separates winning teams from losing ones. Due to the fact that you play so well, the manager is powerless to fire you.”

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