Erik ten Hag confirmed that Man Utd’s ‘laziest star’ will miss numerous Manchester United games

Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, has rҽvҽαled that he does not know when Jadon Sancho would be able to return to the club’s starting lineup for the first team.

Because Sancho was participating in an individual training programme in the Netherlands, he was unable to travel to Spain for the winter training camp as he had originally planned.

The star player for England is currently practising separately from the rest of the first-team squad, and he recently rҽvҽαled to BBC Sport that he is unsure of when he will rejoin the group.

According to the Dutch manager, Sancho is presently participating in a physical training programme, and the primary objective is to bring him up to his peak level of fitness in time for the second half of the season.

Ten Hag did not provide a time frame for when this may occur, but he did mention that the star who is valued at €60 million needs to develop mentally in order to get back to his best.

“Sometimes there are circumstances with fitness and mood,” he explained. “It’s not always in your control.” He was not in excellent health, either mentally or physically. There have been several exchanges between Jadon and myself. He is currently participating in a physical rehabilitation programme, and although I would want to be able to provide a time frame for his return, I am unable to do so at this time.”

“When the league first began, he played well in several of the games, but after that, our performance level declined. There are instances when you have no idea why it is happening or what could be causing it. In most cases, it occurs gradually. You start with observations, but then the statistics back up your claims.

“At the start of the season, he had goals and assists, but as the season progressed, the number of important moments and crucial actions that he contributed decreased. The nature of this condition encompasses both the body and the mind. We are investigating the possibility of getting him back.”

When Sancho comes back, he has a lot of things to prove.

Following an impressive preseason, Sancho has gotten off to a fantastic start for United thus far this year. Earlier in September, before the start of the international break, he scored three goals, one of which was the game-winning goal against Leicester City.

On the other hand, he had a significant decline in form upon his return. Before coming off the bench against West Ham United and Sheriff Tiraspol, he was removed from action early in a number of games and was a replacement player.

This was then followed by an absence of four games brought on by illness. Alejandro Garnacho, a graduate of the club who grabbed the opportunity presented to him, found that this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Garnacho has most definitely surpassed Sancho in the competition for a starting position, and it is now Sancho’s responsibility to prove that he is fit and play at a higher level once he is back on the pitch.

According to the statement that Ten Hag released, he will not be available when the season picks back up at the end of this month. It is anticipated that Sancho, who still has plenty to demonstrate at Manchester United, will make his return in a few weeks.

One thing can be said for certain, and that is that Sancho will have to work to win back the manager’s trust. At wide wing, Marcus Rashford, Antony Garnacho, and Anthony Elanga are now preferred to him in the starting lineup.

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