Erik ten Hag bluntly ‘unmasked’ Ronaldo

Erik ten Hag is shocked when Manchester United fans support him more than Cristiano Ronaldo in a story that shocked the world and affirmed that the Portuguese superstar has no way to stay with the Red Devils.

According to a source in the Independent, Ten Hag doesn’t expect most fans to take his side in the story. On the contrary, he was moved by the reception of the fans, who did not stop chanting his name during the matches.

The Portuguese star was forced to leave MU after a controversial interview with Piers Morgan before going to the FIFA World Cup final. He had words to attack the team and stated that he did not respect the manager because Ronaldo simply did not receive anything from the Dutch strategist.

“I don’t respect Ten Hag because he doesn’t respect me. If you don’t respect me, I will never respect you” – Ronaldo did not hesitate to criticize his coach.

After that, coach Erik ten Hag spoke about Manchester United’s termination of Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract and insisted the team had no other choice. He thinks he knows what Ronaldo has done and does not need to discuss everything with the management.

The Dutchman was greatly supported by the club after they released the Portuguese star from his contract in November. Coach Ten Hag said: “I think it was clear after that interview. Ronaldo is forced to leave We don’t need to discuss that.

Everyone sees everything quite clearly and needs to be finished. Mr. Richard Arnold, John Murtough and I have all seen Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview. We didn’t watch it all, but I would sɑy most of it. There’s nothing more to sɑy.

I have to let him go. That’s part of the job. I went to UEFA to attend a conference of coaches last time. I want Ronaldo to stay from the first moment until now. But he wants to leave, that’s pretty clear. And when a player definitely doesn’t want to stay at this club he has to leave, that’s for sure.”

Coach Ten Hag concluded: “Ronaldo’s interview, I think, as a club, you cannot accept. There will be very serious consequences. To take the step of such a stᴜpid interview then surely Ronaldo knew the consequences in advance.

Ronaldo had never told me before that he wɑnted to leave. During the season, Ronaldo kept sɑying that he was very happy and even up to the time of the interview, he (Ronaldo) had never told me ‘I want to leave’. Ronaldo’s behavior is completely opposite and we do not accept that.”

Manchester United have performed well since Cristiano Ronaldo left the club. While the Portuguese couldn’t find any UEFA Champions League teams interested in him, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner eventually joined Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia.

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