‘End of an era’ – First time Ronaldo spoke after Messi won the World Cup

The 2022 World Cup final contest between Argentina and France has already been played. The audience was treated to a highly interesting game that had both teams chasing the goal closely. Early in the first half, Argentina took a 2-0 lead thanks to goals from Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria. Mbappe scored twice in a span of two minutes for France in the 80th and 81st minutes to tie the game at 2-2 and force extra time. Despite this, the match continued into extra time, demonstrating the resilience of the defending world champions.

During the extra time, Argentina kept taking the lead, but France was able to pull even with them within a reasonable amount of time to make the score 3-3. After a considerably stronger performance in the penalty shootout, the South American representative emerged victorious with a score of 4-2 and was consequently awarded the title of World Cup winner for 2022.

Because of this result, superstar Lionel Messi was finally able to complete his famous collection by adding the world gold cup to his collection of trophies. El Pulga was forced to wait for this moment for eight years, ever since their defeat in the World Cup final in 2014. (against Germany). In this victory, the striker, who is 35 years old, also shone brightly with a pair of goals, which made a significant contribution to Argentina’s amazing accomplishment.

Many people immediately think of Messi’s longtime rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, when they hear that he was able to win the World Cup. Fans expect that this will happen soon and that CR7 will be extremely disappointed when he witnesses his “forever opponent” ascend to the pinnacle of world glory. After suffering a shocking loss to Morocco in the quarterfinals, Ronaldo and Portugal were ousted from the competition far earlier than Messi and Argentina were last year.

No matter who wins the World Cup, the Portuguese star does not feel that the result will have any impact on the legacy he or Lionel Messi have built over the course of their extraordinary careers.

The 37-year-old striker rejects the idea that if one of them wins the World Cup, the debate over who is superior between Ronaldo and Messi will swiftly come to an end. Messi and Ronaldo have been pitted against one another to see who is the better player.

“That (the controversy) will not go away, even if I win the World Cup. Others will still like me even though some folks will stop. “It’s like in life; one person likes this, another person doesn’t. like that,” Ronaldo said in expressing his feelings (referring to the fact that some people favor Ronaldo while others prefer Messi).

I have to remember to put my all into it every year. I have a lot of ambition, and even if I don’t go on to win any more trophies, I will still be extremely proud of the ones I have already achieved. I have a strong desire to win the World Cup and I have high expectations. Naturally, the World Cup remains unique, and taking part in it will always be one of my fantasies.

Due to the fact that Ronaldo would be 41 years old by the time the 2026 Global Cup is played, it is highly unlikely that he will be in a position to win the world title during his current slump. On the other hand, Messi has triumphed over his teammate in the competition for the crown. win the World Cup, which is an accomplishment that CR7 will not be able to accomplish. Nevertheless, Messi and Ronaldo will still be the greatest players in the history of world football regardless of the result, and according to CR7, the controversy between the two will never go away. Messi and Ronaldo are tied for the most goals scored in the history of the sport.


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