‘End Love’ with Rashford, Man Utd finally agree to pay ‘huge fee’ to welcome Drogba’s ‘heir’

Marcus Thuram, a striker who is wanted by Manchester United, is reportedly one of the few feasible options for a striker that are now available to Erik ten Hag. At this point in time, Erik ten Hag is in charge of playing the striker position. This information was given to us by a transfer source only known as Dean Jones. GiveMeSport has been provided with this information that has been sent.

Jones also notes that the Red Devils’ interest in the player is not as strong as Newcastle United’s interest in the player at the present time. Newcastle United’s interest in the player is now considered to be greater. This is despite the fact that it is reported that the Red Devils are contemplating making an offer to Borussia Monchengladbach in order to get the star forward they currently have on their roster. According to Jones, the Red Devils’ interest in the player is not as strong as Newcastle United’s interest in the player at the present time. Newcastle United has expressed interest in signing the player.

According to the Daily Mail, Manchester United are keeping tabs on Thuram as they look for a new striker to add to their lineup and Thuram is one of the players they are considering. Thuram is reportedly one of the players they are thinking about hiring for the post, as stated in the report.

Ten Hag has stated on multiple occasions that the Manchester club are looking to add a forward to their roster as a direct result of Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to leave the club at the end of the previous calendar year. This move comes as a direct result of Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to leave the club at the end of the previous calendar year. This change is a direct consequence of Cristiano Ronaldo’s choice to part ways with the club at the end of the calendar year prior to the one in question. Because Cristiano Ronaldo decided to leave the club in the twelfth and last month of the calendar year before to this one, this is a direct result of his decision.

During a recent interview that the Dutchman granted to the Daily Mail and a few other websites, he made the following remark in response to a question about his country. He stated, “I think there is a need [for a striker] with numerous games coming up.”

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According to Jones, Thuram is certainly one of the most plausible prospects that are currently available to United. This is because of the fact that he has a lot of experience playing professionally. This is due to the fact that Thuram is a very talented player. This is because Thuram has put in a considerable amount of playing time with United, which has contributed to this result.

The journalist continued by noting that, “From United’s point of view, he’s one credible prospect now out there,” while they were having their conversation about the topic. This portion of the interview was conducted in the presence of GMS. It would indicate that Newcastle, the other team in England that now has the opportunity to sign him, is more interested in doing so than Man United currently is. At this time, there is only one club in England that has a chance to sign him, and that club is Newcastle.

If Ten Hag wants to insert a new forward into the action as soon as possible, then the answer to this question is going to be yes. Due to the fact that Thuram is obviously one of the better No. 9s that are theoretically accessible, it is safe to state that he is among good company. This is because there are potentially a lot of No. 9s.

The forward, who is 25 years old and plays for France at the international level, has been quite efficient in front of goal so far in the competition for this season. So far, the competition is being held in France. After the summer, when his existing contract comes up for renewal, the terms of it that apply to him now will no longer be in effect.

According to Transfermarkt, Thuram has made a total of fifteen appearances in games played within the Bundesliga, during which time he has racked up ten goals for the Bundesliga club he plays for. He has reached this position in his senior career after having successfully completed this challenge 59 times in total up until this moment.

The Frenchman’s incredibly height, which clocks in at 6 feet and 4 inches, makes him an excellent candidate for the demanding Premier League.

“Thuram is largely regarded as one of the sport’s most talented forwards, and he plays the position of striker. You can’t look at it without examining it from that angle under any circumstances,” The previous year, the sporting director at Wolfsburg, Marcel Schafer, was cited as saying the following to Kicker: “He exudes the gravitas of a guy of international fame.”

If all went according to plan, Manchester United would make a move to get a forward who is on par with Kylian Mbappe or Erling Haaland. This would be one of their goals for the upcoming transfer window. On the other hand, it is quite clear that forwards of their caliber are extremely difficult to find, especially during the month of January. As a direct consequence of this, there is a very good chance that the incorporation of Thuram into the discussion as a workable alternative will end up being beneficial.

On the other hand, the statements that Ten Hag made give the impression that the manager of the Red Devils won’t simply recruit a new striker for the purpose of doing so because of what he said. When you give considerable thought to this topic, you find that it leaves you with an impression.

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