Eliminating De Gea, Man Utd get the No.1 Goalkeeper ‘for a song’

During the upcoming summer transfer window, Manchester United has the opportunity to acquire England’s top keeper for an extremely “affordable” fee.

In addition to the striker, Manchester United has recently shown a significant amount of interest in the market for goalkeepers.

In light of the fact that David de Gea is already 33 years old, Manchester United requires a competent backup goalkeeper.

Although De Gea agreed to a pay cut in order to prolong his contract with Manchester United, the Spanish goalkeeper is nevertheless compensated at a very high level for his work.

Butland will spend the next six months on loan at MU after the school was successful in its recruitment efforts.

This is merely a short-term option till Dubravka is back in Newcastle.

Therefore, Jordan Pickford, who is currently England’s number one goalkeeper, is the player that the Red Devils have their sights set on for their long-term strategy.

Pickford is not only the best option available in England, but he is also an essential component of Everton and cannot be replaced. According to a source from The Sun, Pickford is looking for a raise in his pay so that it better reflects the amount of effort he puts into his job. In contrast to the current weekly salary of £100,000 that this goalkeeper is receiving, Everton are simply seeking a modest raise of a few thousand pounds for their goalkeeper.

As a result, Manchester United is in a strong position to convince Pickford to move on from Everton.

It is common knowledge that Manchester United is prepared to pay Pickford a salary of 200,000 pounds sterling per week in addition to a transfer fee of 10.4 million pounds.

When weighed against the skills of the British goalkeeper, this price seems like a bargain.

The outstanding player, who is now 28 years old and has played for England 50 times, was an integral part of the Three Lions’ teams that finished in fourth place at the 2018 World Cup, in second place at Euro 2020, and in first position at the Qatar WC 2022. (quarter-finals)

In the meantime, De Gea’s position on the Spain team has been eliminated. Even though they were playing in Qatar, head coach Luis Enrique did not even call De Gea into the squad. Although De Gea spends a lot of time at Old Trafford, he still manages to play well for Manchester United.

De Gea has stated that he intends to remain a member of the Manchester United organisation.

He has only recently become a member of the temple of legends located within the Theater of Dreams.

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