Elden Ring’s Wandering Mausoleum in super cool LEGO form, weighs as much as 2 domestic cats

Wandering Mausoleum is a giant rock turtle in the Elden Ring and now it has its own extremely quality LEGO version

Wandering Mausoleum is a stone turtle that appeared in Elden Ring and attracted the attention of gamers because of its massiveness when gamers encountered it. However, have you ever thought that there will be a LEGO version of Wandering Mausoleum in real life?

Specifically, recently, a Reddit user named HoboSapient shared on this forum and quickly received the attention of the Elden Ring community about a LEGO version of Wandering Mausoleum.

This LEGO version of Wandering Mausoleum weighs about 30 pounds (13.5 kg) and is assembled by 5000 – 6000 LEGO pieces. The weight of 13.6 kg is equivalent to the weight of a small child or 2 domestic cats combined to see that its massiveness is not inferior to the original version of Elden Ring.

Not only that, the number of pieces of this LEGO version of Wandering Mausoleum can also be compared to world-famous LEGO works like the Millenium Falcon or Lego Taj Mahal.

When asked by an online user how this Wandering Mausoleum can stand, the HoboSapient guy only replied with a simple cashc that “a lot of techniques”. Of course, we still don’t know how HoboSapient was able to link the structure of the Wandering Mausoleum, but this is definitely a LEGO version worth putting on display because of how beautiful it is.

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