DTCL: The “Decade of the Dead” core causes a big bug that makes players immortal

The core “Decades of Life” at the moment is creating a big bug that causes outrage in the DTCL community

Although Teamfight Tactics season 7 is close to version 7.5, there are still many annoying bugs that exist in the game that affect gameplay and player experience. Many times, players have taken advantage of game bugs to make the game turn in their favor and inhibit other players.

DTCL: The Deadly Dead Core caused a big bug that made players immortal

One of them we have to mention is the “Descendants of the Dead” Core bug that creates a bug that helps players become immortal in a game and immune to all damage even with only 1 health left.

Detail of Core error “Decade of the Most Born”

This bug will happen from time to time and then your summoned beast will immediately activate invincibility and the effect will also apply to all champions that have selected the “Decade of Life” Core. Although your squad is inferior to the opponent, because you are immortal during that game, of course you will easily win because the opponent cannot kill you.

DTCL: The Core of the Deadly Death caused a big bug that made the player immortal 2

In addition, if you apply it to Soraka with the ability to heal after each attack and combine the “Decade of One Born” Core, you will be extremely strong.

RIOT still ignores the big bug

Up until now, the Core bug “Decade of Life” still appears randomly and the lucky ones will quickly win the game without any problems.

DTCL: The Deadly Dead Core caused a big bug that made players immortal 3

Up to the present time, RIOT has not given any feedback on this issue because perhaps it thinks that the Core bug “Decades of Life” does not appear to be too widespread, so it is considered a non-urgent issue. However, in the long run, players will also find the best way to trigger this “Decade of the Dead” Core bug and this will make DTCL seriously unbalanced.

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