Discovering Sergio Ramos’s ‘deep and meaningful’ tatoos – The coolest lion of football

Spanish footballer Sergio Ramos Garcia is a defender who competes for Real Madrid and now PSG and the Spanish National Team. In addition, he leads both of the teams he participates in. Since his debut, he has amassed more than 20 trophies.

Ramos ranks among the top goal scorers in La Liga who plays the defense. Along with Lionel Messi, he is the only player with 15 straight La Liga seasons with a goal. Ink is all over Sergio Ramos’ torso. Let’s examine his tattoos and their symbolic meanings.

1. ‘Heart and the Quote’ Tattoo

Sergio has a tattoo on the back of his neck that depicts a blade with wings piercing a heart. Below it is the words “A Lion Never Loses Over The Opinion Of Sheep.”

Meaning: Ramos is well known for being an aggressive defender, and he has been accused of it numerous times, so the remark perfectly captures his personality. Ramos is noted for frequently getting booked in games. But he has triumphed each time and demonstrated that he is the finest at what he does.

2. ‘Hexagram and Clouds’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The defender’s left tricep is inked with a Hexagram—a six-pointed star—in a cloud-filled, moonless night sky.

Meaning: In symbolism, the six-pointed star represents the virtues of Love, Knowledge, Wisdom, Life, Understanding, and Loyalty. The Star of David or the Star of Freedom are further names for this. Sergio received this tattoo in memory of Nena, her grandmother, who gave his mother a pendant with the same design.

3. ‘Lion’ Tattoo

Tattoo: A massive tattoo of a lion’s head with a hazy dawn sky, jungle plains, and a tree is located on the left side of the man’s upper back.

4. ‘Wolf’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of his upper back has a tattoo of the head of a wolf done in a night sky to go with his tattoo of a lion at dawn. In the background of the larger wolf’s head tattoo, there is a second small wolf howling on a mountaintop beneath a full moon.

Meaning: His Goblin tattoo, which was the first one he ever had, was covered up by this one.

5. Dream Catcher And Quote Tattoo

His initials, SR, are inked inside a dream catcher with a smaller net dangling above it, and a crown is placed over the design in the centre of his upper back. Three feathers and a phrase are also placed around the smaller net.

Meaning: The Dream Catcher serves as a talisman that guards against nightmares and terrible dreams. Only those who went hungry with me and stood by me will eat at my table, according to the quote that is displayed around it.

6. ‘Map and Freedom’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The football player has a tattoo of a map of Spain with Sevilla marked inside it, along with an X and the number 4, on the upper left arm just above his elbow. Other locations are indicated on the map using arrows and map lines. The word Freedom is tattooed in capital letters just over the tattoo of the map.

Meaning: Because Sergio began his football career at the same club and even graduated from their youth system, he got this tattoo while playing for Sevilla FC.

7. ‘Warrior and Family’ Tattoo

Tattoo: An image of a warrior holding an ax and a sword on a battlefield is inked on the left side of the man’s mid-back. At his feet is a skull that has fallen. To his left are a flagpole, swords, and arrows in the ground, while to his right are three graves. The initials R.J. and N.P. are present on two of them, which are highly uncommon. In the background, you can see the purple thundering sky. A banner with the words “God Bless My Family” is placed underneath this tattoo and the dream catcher.

8. ‘Red Indian’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of his mid-back contains the tattoo of a Red Indian Chief standing in a field beside a bonfire. Three small huts can be seen behind his back below a cloudy sky.

9. ‘Lower Back’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Ramos has an image of a heart with a flame over it that is pierced by eight daggers tattooed on the left side of his lower back. Just below the heart, the phrase “Cicatrices” is inscribed in black ink. On the right side is a tattoo of Jesus Christ clutching a rosemary necklace with a cross and stars as pendants in his hands while he is kneeling in prayer. The three sections of the crown of thorns that Jesus is wearing have the initials J and S written on the sides and the cross sign engraved on the middle. The prayer tattoo is complemented with Sergio’s tattoo of the phrase “God Bless My Family.” The phrase MIRIAN 4 RENE is preceded by a cross and appears below all of this.

Meaning: The Immaculate Heart of Mary, symbolized by the word “cicatrices,” represents the scars left behind by healed wounds. His brother Rene Ramos and sister Miriam Ramos are both centered around the number he wears on his jersey, 4, and the Jesus Christ tattoo indicates his religious beliefs. He wishes them and his family blessings and well-being by placing a cross at the end.

10. ‘Recuerda and Cross’ Tattoo

Ramos has the word “Recuerda” tattooed on the inside of his left wrist. On his forearm, just below it, is a tattoo of a cross consisting of red, green, and white components that emit light as indicated by lines inked around it.

The word Recuerda, which was inked on the football player’s wrist, means Remember. It stands for the footballer’s religious beliefs.


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