Discovering Neymar’s awesome sneaker collection – The most glorious sneakerhead

The shoes of only few football players are as distinctive as Neymar’s. One of the most interesting football careers has belonged to the player for Paris Saint-Germain. From his 2003 signing with Santos FC to his 2017 status as the most expensive player in football history, Neymar has always been in the public eye. One of the most well-known sportsmen for Nike, Neymar, is no stranger to designer shoes. In fact, he is unquestionably among the world’s most ardent sneaker collectors.

A man with an 11-year deal with Nike is likely to have many enormous pairs in his closet. The latest Off-WhiteTM Nikes and odd collaborations are commonly seen on Neymar, a self-described sneakerhead. Additionally, even in this day and age of cooperation, he is one of the select few football players to have his or her own Air Jordan collaboration. Neymar can compete with any sneaker collector, that much is true.

We believed it only right to create a ranking of Neymar’s greatest footwear achievements. No matter if he was spending tens of thousands of dollars in shops or just showing off his own collaborations, Neymar has always been an intriguing character in the sneaker scene. Now let’s look more closely at some of Neymar’s best sneaker moments.

Neymar Jr. x Jordan Collection

Beyond sports, nations, and languages, Michael Jordan and Neymar Jr. have a mutual regard for one another. Neymar Jr. has just made history by being the first football player to have the Jumpman on a performance item, all thanks to a special partnership between Nike and Jordan.

A Neymar edition of the Jordan V Low with “Neymar” sewn into the tongue will also be made available by the Jordan Brand.

The Jordan V, a favorite of Neymar Jr., served as inspiration for the NJR x JORDAN Hypervenom football boot. The Hypervenom’s soleplate has a replica of Jordan’s trademark cement print coupled with the Jumpan emblem on the bottom. The Brazilian flag emblem and Neymar Jr.’s son’s initials (“DL”) can be seen on the laces. Neymar Jr.’s Brazil number, 10, is displayed on the outside of the left boot, and at his request, the number 23, honoring Jordan, is displayed on the outside of the right boot. Both numbers are displayed in the appropriate font on the athletes’ jerseys.

This August, Neymar Jr. will represent his nation while playing soccer on the field while donning the NJR x JORDAN Hypervenom. Starting on June 1st on the Nike Football App and on June 3rd on, the NJR x JORDAN collection will be offered in youth and adult sizes.


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