Devil May Cry’s Dante appears in the Dark Souls 3 world, believe it?

Now gamers can control the character Dante right in the super product Dark Souls 3 in a very simple way

Dark Souls 3 May Cry introduced to the gaming community is an extremely interesting mod and it is made by a modder named Shigu. True to its name, this mod will bring one of the hottest characters of the game series Devil May Cry into the world of Dark Souls 3that’s the guy Dante.

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The remarkable thing about this mod is the character Dante can fully use his special skills attacks right inside Dark Souls 3, from his continuous sword stance to his ability to throw his sword. Dante’s motion effects are so realistic that gamers think he is an official character of this game.

The current version allows Dante own 3 special weapons, including Force Edge, Alastor and Devil Sword Sparda. However, gamers cannot change their costumes, but can only use the default item page available. Although it’s not really that diverse in terms of the average number of typical weapons Devil May Cry But for gamers, this mod is already too impressive.

Readers of Lagvn interested in this mod of Dark Souls 3 You can download it at THIS to enjoy.

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