Despite Man Utd bitterly lost two friendly matches, ten Hag still made ‘firm strange’ statement

During their current training mission in Spain, the Dutch strategist’s army has just suffered another setback, this time at the hands of the Spanish.

This morning, Manchester United took the field for the second exhibition match that they are playing while on their training trip.

Despite the fact that the English team made some adjustments in response to their loss to Cadiz by a score of 2-4, the game still ended in the same manner.

Real Betis defeated Manchester United by a score of 1-0 thanks to a stunning goal scored by Nabil Fekir in the 49th minute.

In this game, the players who are coached by Erik ten Hag had a total of seven shots, but only one of those shots was on target.

This number of hosts is a significant improvement.

Real Betis has six opportunities out of nineteen to put the ball on the target.

In spite of having the majority of the time in which they have possession of the ball, they have an impressive number of passes and a high rate of passing accuracy.

However, this does not mean that Real Betis created more scoring opportunities than the Red Devils.

Even so, Man United was responsible for twice as many fouls, committing 14 of them compared to only 7 for the representatives of La Liga.

Even though Coach Erik ten Hag was unable to win any of the matches, it was su/r/p/r/ising that he did not give the students as much severe criticism as they had received in the past. The captain of Manchester United continued to voice his discontent with a few aspects of the game. Nevertheless, Ten Hag also stated that Manchester United had been successful in accomplishing the primary objective of the training trip. He said:

“We are making strides toward our goal. As you see, We are a very young team, in comparison to our rival, who has a lot more experience.

Therefore, the first half is satisfactory. Although Man United have a few good attacking situations, that is not something that they do very often as a team.

On the other hand, we played with a higher level of intensity when we faced Cadiz.

Therefore, I have very few complaints about the first half. The second half got off to a terrible start, with undisciplined play and the return of the problem that ultimately doomed us before Cadiz.

We really need to work on getting better. In the end, I believe that Manchester United had a successful week.

A positive attitude, the players performed admirably, and they put in a lot of effort. I believe that we were successful in our primary objective, which was to improve our level of physical fitness.

In addition, there are some younger players who have adjusted to the new playing style and the increased level of competition. Therefore, I am quite content with how some of them have been progressing.

It’s a huge victory for the years to come.”

A series of friendly matches played during the middle of the season by the Red Devils with them came to an end with this disheartening result. Man United will return to the foggy country after participating in their training camp in Spain in order to prepare for the 1/8 round of the English League Cup. On December 22, at three in the morning, they will host Burnley at Old Trafford.

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