Croatia’s ‘Future GOAT’ confirms 100% wants to join United, Dalot will be pushed away

There have been several speculations in the media stating that Manchester United are considering making an offer to sign Josip Juranovic, who is presently playing for the Croatian national team. These reports suggest that Manchester United are considering making an offer to sign Josip Juranovic.

The Celtic right back is said to be eager to accept a move to Old Trafford, at least according to a statement that was published by Tutto Mercato Web. In the course of a transfer, this information was communicated to me.

An Italian news outlet has reported that Juranovic is prepared to reject down offers from Italian clubs such as Monza and Torino and will instead wait to join with Manchester United. This information supports the previous claim made by the same outlet. Specifically, the study claims that Juranovic is willing to reject offers from Italian clubs. This information is included in the report.

The Red Devils are reportedly interested in selling the English fullback Aaron Wan-Bissaka first, and they have reportedly requested the star of the Scottish Premier League to put off making a choice for the time being. Recent reports suggest that the Red Devils are interested in selling Wan-Bissaka. This request was made in light of the fact that the Red Devils are considering selling Wan-Bissaka. Specifically, this request was made because of this.

The current player’s contract with Celtic is set to end in the summer of 2026, when he will be 27 years old. The player in question is exceptional. When that time comes, he will be participating in the competition for a different squad. According to the findings of a number of different sources, his potential sales revenue is approximately 17 million British pounds (Sportske Novosti).

The defender, who had previously competed for Legia Warszawa, was an essential component of the Scottish team that triumphed in the previous year’s double-header at the domestic level. Before that, he was a part of the Legia Warszawa organization.

Juranovic has been a part of all nine of the league matches that have been played up to this point in the season, contributing one goal and one assist. Every single one of those matches has been watched by him.

The superb play of this defender during the entirety of the FIFA World Cup was a crucial contributor to Croatia’s ability to finish in third place overall. While he has been a member of the senior national team, he has taken part in a combined total of 27 different competitions up until this point.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who was the manager at Old Trafford at the time, was the one who persuaded Wan-Bissaka to come play for Manchester United, although Erik ten Hag has primarily used the former Palace player as a substitute for the Red Devils. Wan-Bissaka left Palace to play for Manchester United.

Because he has only started three games in the Premier League so far this season, he should think about leaving Old Trafford in order to increase the likelihood that he will participate in games on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that he has only started three games in the Premier League so far this season.

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