Croatia boss Dalic hopeful talisman Modric won’t hang up his boots after World Cup exit

Croatia boss: ‘It will be difficult for me if Modrić says goodbye’. The leader of Croatia, Dalic There is optimism that star Luka Modric will continue playing after Croatia’s elimination from the World Cup.

The future of Luka Modric’s role with the Croatia national team was brought up during a discussion with Zlatko Dalic, who stated once again that he did not want Modric to retire from playing in international competition.After Croatia was eliminated from the World Cup in the semifinals by Argentina after suffering a 3-0 defeat at the hands of the South American team, there was a great deal of speculation over what the future holds for Luka Modric.

As he was being carried off the field late in the game, supporters all across the stadium gave him a standing ovation and accolades for his outstanding performance. There was widespread speculation that the defeat would be his final appearance for the Croatian national team in a competitive match. The head coach, Dalic, has had a conversation with the midfielder about how the player is now feeling and whether or not he believes the player will continue playing soccer at a professional level.

WHAT HE Stated: When he was speaking to the reporters, Dalic admitted that he had said the following: “He (Modric) was genuinely disappointed yesterday, the defeat and the match were hard on him.” Dalic said this while confessing that he had said it. Given how difficult it was for him, it is not surprising that he would feel that way (when thinking about retiring).

“I really, really hope that he doesn’t get kicked off the national team. Naturally, he will arrive at his own judgment on the subject on his own accord. On Saturday, we play a game, and thereafter, we will be able to continue what we were discussing. In the event that Modri was had to leave, it would be challenging for me to consent to his departure.After that, he proceeded by saying, “If Luka decides to hang up his boots with the national team, it will be a tragedy and regret for all of the fans around the world…If he decides to go a different route, it will be challenging for me as well, but Modri has the utmost respect from people all around the world. If only he could keep going, it would be fantastic.

MODRIC, WHO IS NOW 37 YEARS OLD, LED CROATIA TO THE WORLD CUP RUNNER-UP SPOT IN 2018, AND WAS NAMED THE PLAYER OF THE TOURNAMENT FOR HIS PERFORMANCES IN 2018 FOR HIS PERFORMANCES. THE BIGGER PICTURE Additionally, he was an essential cog in the wheel that propelled Croatia to the semifinals in Qatar. However, before they can go, Croatia must first engage in a play-off for third place against whoever comes out on the losing side between France and Morocco. If they win, they will advance to the next round of the tournament.

WHAT NEXT FOR MODRIC?  Before returning to action with Real Madrid, the legendary midfielder could say one last goodbye to international football in the World Cup’s third-place play-off.

Messi has a new nickname before World Cup 2022 final

After the semi-final matchup with Croatia, De Paul has good cause to respect Messi. His “beast” was the one that started the scoring, aided Julian Alvarez in the second goal, and contributed to the first goal’s score of 3-0.

Lionel Messi was given the nickname “The Beast” by midfielder Rodrigo De Paul to motivate Argentina to the 2022 World Cup final.

“To their good fortune, Argentina has a monster on their roster. We are representing our nation in this competition, and Leo, in addition to being the team captain and leader, is also the oldest brother. I promise to look out for Messi at all times. After Argentina had advanced to the final, De Paul admitted his guilt.

In reference to Messi, he continued by saying, “He always gives his best, but very few people are aware of this.” I am delighted for Messi. In the end, all I want is to be a witness as Messi enjoys life to its fullest because he is deserving of every good thing that comes his way.

De Paul (No. 7) is always next to Messi as pictured with the ball to protect No. 10. Photo: Reuters.

Before his “bodyguard” De Paul decided to give him a new nickname, Messi was known by the nickname “Bug” (El Pulga). If Messi is successful in winning the World Cup in 2022, De Paul’s prediction that he will be called “the greatest ever” will most certainly come true. One of the most important aspects of this event taking place in Argentina is De Paul. His statistics are better than anyone else’s on the team. The 28-year-old is regarded as a booster of Messi whenever the player wearing number 10 “walks” on the pitch. If Messi needs to sprint, De Paul can cover more ground since he plays further back. The title of “scoring champion” of the World Cup 2022 will be up for grabs between Messi and Kylian Mbappe. In the championship game, De Paul will undoubtedly guard Messi with all of his heart, ensuring that the No. 10 has the greatest possible conditions to assist Argentina in winning and achieving the trophy. individual. The seventh-ranked Argentine player commented on the approaching accomplishment, saying, “I am living an unbelievable dream.” When it comes time for me to compete in the championship game, I feel like the happiest person alive. My family is another source of support for me. The last match of the 2022 World Cup is scheduled to take place on December 18th.

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