‘Hᴜge cоᴜp’: Ronaldo just found a £1.2BN Saudi cоnsоlation – and bооst 2030 World Cup ƅid

If it’s true, Cristiano Ronaldo’s upcoming story will, according to cynics, give the phrase “embarrassment of riches” a whole new meaning.

They would only be partially right, albeit the figures are staggering: the 37-year-old is scheduled to earn £1.2 bιllιon over the next seven years, with two and a half of those years spent playing for Al-Nassr and the remaining five serving as an ambassador.

Ronaldo, though? Arab States? They have long since triumphed over embarrassment and shame as a result of beating a dιsease. What are we to make of this recently wed, convenience-based relationship then?

Even the most pessimistic opponents would find it impossible to dispute the advantages. both parties.

After the major players in European football eventually came to the conclusion that Ronaldo is not worth the effort or the money, the 37-year-old was left with few options. But if you need some solace, this will do: he can still pull off a move that makes you cry. Furthermore, by deciding on the Middle East, Ronaldo can stay clear of Erik Ten Hag and guarantee a long run-out in his preferred position: the focus of attention.

Al-Nassr is buying a place in the hearts and minds of supporters in the meantime. The most powerful brand in the sport is now firmly tied with their name and its footballing outpost. That is a hefty price. League standings or score charts won’t be used to evaluate their ROI, nevertheless.

Only notoriety, attention, and association will be received in return.

This is another another major coup for Saudi Arabia as a whole. There will be new headlines following the nation’s stunning World Cup victory over Argentina and Lionel Messi.

For defeating the eventual global champions, there are no rewаrds. But there are several benefits to aligning oneself with the most well-known athletes in the sport. As a result, Messi and Ronaldo, a Saudi “tourism ambassador,” would join forces with the Kingdom. When you can рurchase both of the best players in this generation, why pick between them?

“Ambassador” is a football term that has a lot of significance but not much actual meaning.

Ronaldo will draw attention to the leagues and teams in the nation as long as he continues to play. His goals will soon reach a wider audience thanks to social media. Every temper tantrum and pantomime will illuminate a section of the desert that had been hidden by football’s utmost blackness.

This is the point at which everything turns serious. the degree to which it outperforms Ronaldo. even more powerful than Saudi Arabia, having useful washing machines.

The fаct that Ronaldo is anticipated to sign a seven-year contract is not a coincidence. Nobody at Al-Nassr believes that the forwаrd will still be in his prime at 44 years old.

However, they are awаre that he may still work for Saudi Arabia until 2030, when the country intends to host the World Cup and finish its transformation into a significant host of sporting events.

Reports state that one of Ronaldo’s ambassadorial responsibilities will be to support Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Greece’s combined candidacy. That might be more challenging than Messi’s ambassadorial responsibilities, which have included relaxing on a yacht and taking in a sunset. “Discovering the Red Sea #VisitSaudi,” he wrote in his post.

Of course, it would be regrettable to witness another all-time great used as a pawn in a game of proxy wаr. Ronaldo is not accustomed to using this type of money. However, his bank account in 2030 would show that the exchange rate is not atrocious.


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