Coach Deschamps rewards ‘special bonus’ for French players after defeating Poland

Although experiencing a bit of difficulties before the tightly organized defense of Poland, with the brilliance of the players, France superbly won tickets to the quarterfinals of the World Cup 2022 with a comfortable victory 3- first.

In addition to Giroud’s goal, Mbappe’s two goals were the match’s most impressive displays of individual brilliance. The victor of the game between England and Senegal will take on France as France’s opponent in the next match.

Didier Deschamps, the coach of France’s national football team, expressed his delight at his team’s performance after the game, praising Kylian Mbappe in particular:

“Because Poland is so well structured, the match was not an easy one, but we always have the capacity to establish connections between things. Then there is Kylian, who is able to find solutions to a variety of issues, which is beneficial to us because it opens up more opportunities.”

Additionally, the coach, who is 62 years old, has announced that he will reward the players with a period of rest in order to provide them with the opportunity to spend time with their families prior to the beginning of the quarter-final series:

“There was togetherness from the beginning. It goes without saying that making it to the quarterfinals is a pretty impressive accomplishment. Because of this, we will have a little more time on our hands, and in accordance with our original plan, we are going to make the most of it by spending it with his family and other people we care about. There will be some time for the players to spend with their family.”

With Mbappe individually, he became the youngest player in history to score 9 goals at the World Cup before turning 24 years old. Prior to that, the Brazilian Pele held the record for the most goals scored in World Cup competition before the age of 24 with 7 total. This record has since been broken.

The standout player for PSG will reach the age of 24 on December 20, just two days after the conclusion of the World Cup in Qatar. Miroslav Klose, a German, currently holds the all-time record for the amount of goals scored at the World Cup, with 16. This puts him in exclusive possession of the record. Mbappe has scored 9 goals, which puts him on par with Lionel Messi but puts him ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has only scored 8 goals.

Wearing a gold ring to play in the 2022 World Cup, how was Kounde punished?

Player Jules Kounde violated the dress code when the number 5 on the French team wore a gold ring in the match against Poland in the 1/8 round of the 2022 World Cup.

Welcoming Poland in the round of 1/8 World Cup 2022, France had the first half to show absolute strength when creating terrible pressure on the Polish goal. The result came to them when at the end of the first half, Giroud put his name on the scoreboard and helped France lead 1-0.

In addition to Giroud’s goal, the game also featured a remarkable moment when defender Jules Kounde was ordered by the referee to stop the ball and remove the gold necklace he was wearing. The reason was because Kounde violated the dress code.

According to FIFA rules, players are not allowed to wear anything such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, … and all must be removed before entering the official match. There are no exceptions for anyone and neither is the umpire, the watch is the only thing that the referee is allowed to use.

Sanctions for players wearing these jewelry are also extremely diverse, from reminders to being temporarily invited off the field to remove accessories. Where play is stopped to warn a player, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the spot where the player was stopped.

However, the above moment becomes confusing because before the game, the players will be checked by the referee for the above accessories. Fortunately for Kounde and France, the player did not suffer any penalty from the referee.

However, if the match in the quarter-finals, Kounde continues to repeat the offense, surely the punishment will not stop at the warning level like the last match.

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