Coach criticized, fans boycotted, Ronaldo will be a substitute as play against Switzerland?

During this year’s World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t been able to avoid the spotlight of controversy. Now, the coach of his country’s national team has spoken out against his immature behavior.

The behavior of Cristiano Ronaldo did not impress Fernando Santos, the coach of Portugal, who stated that he was unimpressed with the forward’s actions after Ronaldo reacted angrily when he was substituted during the final group game of the World Cup in Qatar.

Santos, who stated that the issue had been resolved, is currently preparing his team to take on Switzerland in the round of 16 on Wednesday morning.

On Friday, Ronaldo claimed that he was “insulted” by a South Korean player when he was being substituted during the second half of his team’s 2-1 loss to the Asian side. The match took place in the second half of their match.

However, phoтographs that have been presented in Portuguese media seem to suggest that he responded to Santos’ decision by using oƭƭensive words.

When Santos was asked how he had reacted to those images, he responded during a news conference on Monday by saying, “I didn’t like it at all. I didn’t like it at all.” On the other hand, he stated that the incident was now in the past.

He stated that once these issues were resolved, they were resolved internally. “It is now too late. It is now the end of the story in regard to this issue, and at this point, we are thinking about the game tomorrow, and everyone is focusing their full attention on the preparations for the match.

Cristiano Ronaldo reacts from the bench during the match against Korea Republic. Picture: AFP

Santos stated that he was not paying attention to the debate or internet surveys on the matter of Ronaldo’s starting status in the team, despite the facт that this topic continues to be a hoт topic among fans of Portugal.

He stated, “I do not read things of this nature,” and he meant it. It is not a sign of disrespect; rather, it is due to the facт that we have three days to prepare for a game and I am not paying attention to other types of news during that time. We are concentrating on the future game. Santos predicted that the match versus Switzerland would be a competitive one. In the UEFA Nations League match played in June, Portugal defeated the Swiss by a score of 4-0. However, in the match played in Switzerland, Portugal was defeated by a score of 1-0.

He continued by saying, “It won’t be the first time against the Swiss, and we are aware that it will be a difficult encounter.” “They are an extremely well-organized team with players of a high caliber, and they are highly familiar with the style of play that they employ.

“They are really well synched and are always concentrated, and that is what we expect in this match — we will face a side that takes their discipline seriously,”

Portugal coach Fernando Santos and Ronaldo.

After his high-profile departure from Manchester United, sources within the club told AFP on Monday that Ronaldo is currently in negotiations to sign a record-breaking contract with the Saudi Arabian side Al-Nassr.

The club is said to be engaged in “serious negotiations” with the 37-year-old player, according to a source, but an agreement has not yet been reached due to concerns regarding Ronaldo’s image rights.

The Portuguese forward decided to leave United a month ago after giving a scathing interview to a TV station in which he lambasted the club and its coach, Erik ten Hag.

According to a report in the Spanish newspaper Marca, Ronaldo will sign a contract in January that will be for two and a half years and nearly 200 million euros ($210 million) each season. The contract will begin in January.

Nevertheless, a different source at the Saudi club confirmed to AFP that no documents had been signed. In his frank and reveaᶅing interview, Ronaldo reveaᶅed that he had turned down a massive offer to join a Saudi club.

The five-time winner of the Ballon d’Or could potentially join David Ospina and Vincent Aboubakar, both of whom are currently playing for Al-Nassr. Ospina is from Colombia and Aboubakar is from Cameroon.

With his goal from the penalty spot in Portugal’s opening-round victory over Ghana in Qatar, the team’s captain became the first player in the history of the men’s World Cup to score at five different tournaments.

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