Club ‘sitting at same table’ with Man City recruited Ronaldo, a symbol of new generation of talent?

Ronaldo was invited to play for Newcastle by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in exchange for $ 250 million.


Where does Cristiano Ronaldo’s future lie? The Portuguese player has been officially released by MU and is now jobless. He must wait until the January 2023 transfer window to join the new team, but as a free agent, he now has the opportunity to sign with any club he chooses. Clubs that are considering you may be amenable to negotiations.

Ronaldo has been trying to earn a spot in the C1 Cup since this summer, but he has been unsuccessful. If he continues to have that goal, it appears that he will have few, if any, options going forward. The team that was most interested in Ronaldo during the summer transfer window, Chelsea, reportedly no longer wants to pursue him and is instead concentrating on other tasks.

Not to add that Ronaldo is not appropriate for Chelsea’s new management group, which is led by coach Graham Potter. They believe he is incompatible with both the team’s style of play and culture. Ronaldo will not get the opportunity to step onto the field at Stamford Bridge as a member of “The Blues,” according to the Telegraph, since Chelsea owner Todd Boehly has now appointed nearly the whole board for Chelsea so he will not directly meddle.

The Champions League has already advanced to the round of 16, and the teams competing in the knockout stage either do not need to purchase a new striker or do not have the financial means to do so. Ronaldo. Although CR7 may have to wait until next season to kick the C1 Cup, he now has the choice of finding a team that has the chance to earn him tickets to Europe next season as well as a lot of money to pay him.

As a result, Ronaldo now has an intriguing choice in Newcastle. The Telegraph and other outlets have reported that Mohammed Bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, is the one who wants to hire the Portuguese footballer. The player was reportedly given a massive wage offer of over 250 million pounds by a Saudi club. Moreover, Newcastle is owned by the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, which is led by Bin Salman.


With Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo’s “super agent” Jorge Mendes is now in negotiations, and the offer is highly alluring: not only will Ronaldo receive the enormous sum of money, but he will also have the choice to continue competing in the Premier League. When Ronaldo decided to leave Newcastle, he could still play for Al-Nassr, the club owned by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, in Saudi Arabia and assist the team secure tickets to the Champions League the next season.

In actuality, Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman has some degree of influence over the Saudi Arabian league’s clubs. Al-Nassr was one of the clubs that owed players unpaid wages four years ago, preventing them from receiving an Asian Cup license. However, the Crown Prince spent money to settle all outstanding debts for all clubs in the nation (roughly $340 million).

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