Cleive Ester Adams: The Untold Story of Sonya Curry’s Father with Inspirational Journeys

Who Is Cleive Ester Adams?

There are many paths that can lead to fame for an individual. Some people get to fame as a result of their originality and talent, while others do so simply because they were born into famous families.The most appropriate category for Cleive Ester Adams is the very last one.

Because of his offspring, including his children and grandchildren, he became well-known. In addition, Cleive Ester Adams is famous because of his daughter Sonya Curry, who is a well-known educator in the United States.

In addition to being a citizen of the United States, he is of African-American ancestry. Additionally, Cleive Ester Adams is a famous basketball player in her own right.His relatives have excelled to a large degree in a variety of athletic endeavors.

Sonya Curry, daughter of Cleive Ester Adams, rose to prominence in the 1980s after she tied the knot with NBA superstar Dell Curry. The fact that people are more interested in learning about Sonya’s father, Cleive Ester Adam, is an intriguing aspect, however.

It appeared as though Ester Adams had a career in business when he was younger. On the other hand, there is not much information about his business due to the fact that he has been secretive about his personal life.

Let’s take a closer look at him down below.

Quick Facts

Full nameCleive Ester Adams


AgeIn his 80s

BirthplaceUnited States



Marital statusMarried

SpouseCandy Ann Adams (wife)

ChildrenSonya Alicia Curry (daughter)Cleive Adams Jr.(son)India Adams (daughter)


Net worthUnder review

Early Life

Cleive Ester Adams was born to American parents in the United States of America. Similarly, he is an American national with an African-American ethnic heritage.

Since he values his private life, he has not revealed anything about it.


During the 1960s, Cleive Ester Adams tied the knot with Candy Ann Wyms. Likewise, she was born and reared in Haiti, which means that she is a person of mixed racial heritage.

Additionally, Cleive Ester Adams and Candy Adams originally connected with one another when Cleive was in his twenties and they have known one other ever since.

There has been no announcement made regarding the schedule or place of their wedding as of yet. In a similar vein, the couple has been living together ever since the wedding, and there have been no rumors of divorce or extramarital affairs.

According to Sonya, her mother has always been there for her and her two brothers. As a result, it is not known if the two people are dating or not. On the other hand, there are rumors going around that they split up and went their own ways.

Candy Adams Lou is often featured in her daughter, Sonya Curry’s Instagram.

Cleive Ester Adams Children

Cleive Ester Adams and Candy Adams had three children from their relationship: Cleive Adams Jr, Sonya Adams, and India Adams. Also, he must be proud of his children’s and grandchildren’s professional accomplishments.

Sonya Adams Curry is his elder daughter, a notable educator, and a university administrator. Besides that, Sonya was a volleyball player in high school at Radford.

She subsequently went to Virginia Tech College, where she laid the groundwork for her future profession. Thus, Sonya Curry is the wife of basketball star Dell Curry.

Similarly, Cleive Ester Adams’s son, Clevie Jr., is the head football coach at Averett University. Furthermore, his sporting career covers several decades, providing him with a substantial salary in the long term.

On the other hand, Cleive Ester Adams’s younger daughter, India Adams, prefers not to be recognized on social media. Despite her professional accomplishments, she rose to prominence as Sonya Adams Curry’s sister.

Cleive Ester Adams Grandchildren

Likewise, Cleive Ester has three grandchildren. Cleive is also renowned for being the grandparents of famous grandkids.

Stephen Curry, his eldest grandson, is a professional NBA player who has been with the Golden State Warriors since 2009. So naturally, therefore, he has three NBA titles to his name.

Sydel, Cleive’s granddaughter, is a volleyball player at Elon University. Moreover, Seth, Adam’s second grandchild, is an NBA player who debuted in 2013.


Ester Adams had to have been a businessman when he was younger. However, there is little information available regarding the business he proceeded on.

Rather than attracting public prominence from his career, he came to the forefront due to his children and grandkids.

Net Worth

As previously said, Cleive is a private person who avoids the media. According to Sonya Curry, Adams had a difficult financial situation during his lifetime.

He appeared to struggle to meet his family’s necessities, including his children’s schooling. Due to this, we don’t know what he did for a living for the last several years.

They lived in severe poverty and faced racist experiences. Therefore predicting Cleive’s net worth and pay is difficult.

On the other hand, Sonya has a net worth of USD 6 million and earns more than USD 100k yearly. She is also the creator of a Montessori school in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dell Curry, his son-in-law, has a stunning net worth of USD 130 million. Due to this, we are very confident that he’s living a pleasant and luxurious life with his children.

In addition, Cleive’s grandson, Stephen Curry, is a well-known basketball legend with an estimated net worth of $90 million.


There aren’t any controversies that Cleive got into. But there are some of them from the side of his daughter Sonya.

Sonya’s two sons faced off in the NBA conference finals. So, it was difficult for her to choose and support one of them.

They flipped a coin to choose who would wear the Warriors and Blazers jerseys since they had to wear a jersey for either club. In the end, Sonya entered the venue wearing a Portland Trail Blazers jersey during the game and got trolled.

Social Media

Since Cleive is a person who tries to keep everything private and reserved, he is not quite active on social media. So, there isn’t much information about his social media account.

He is pretty famous due to his children, grandchildren, and son-in-law. Due to this, he is only seen in media through their sources.

But here are some links to his children and grandchildren.

Sonya Curry’s Instagram: 244k followers.

Stephen Curry’s Instagram: 47 Million followers

Stephen Curry’s Twitter: 17.1 Million followers

Sydel Curry Lee’s Instagram: 713 k followers.

Seth Curry’s Twitter.: 385k followers

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