Chelsea get ‘bored’ with Mendy, there are three ‘delicious – cheap’ goalkeepers as replacement


The Senegalese goalkeeper used to enjoy a high level of trust at the Blues, but he is currently unable to rediscover the form that earned him that respect. He used to enjoy a high level of trust at the Blues.

Edouard Mendy continued to serve as Senegal’s starting goalkeeper up until the 2022 World Cup, despite the difficulties he experienced with Chelsea. In spite of the fact that he played for Chelsea, this was the case.

Mendy made two crucial mistakes during the game that the Netherlands were playing against the African representative, which ultimately led to the defeat of the African representative by a score of 0-2 for the Dutch.


The poor play of the goalkeeper who was representing the Blues left the crowd feeling “bored.” This was a direct result of the Blues’ poor performance.

According to a number of sources, recent reports have suggested that the BLD of the green half of London is interested in selling Mendy. This information comes from the green half of London.

It is imperative for the goalkeeper for Senegal to have a good showing at the World Cup in order to save his career.


Despite this, it would appear that Mendy’s time at Chelsea is coming to a close as a direct result of the performance he turned in in front of the Netherlands.

In order to assist President Todd Boehly’s team in safely “getting rid of” Mendy, the media has suggested the following three names, all of which meet the criteria of being “delicious,” “nutritious,” and “affordable:”

3. Diogo Costa

After achieving remarkable results in the wooden frame competition in Porto, this is one of the new faces that is starting to emerge throughout Europe. At this time, Costa is on his way to Russia to participate in the World Cup of 2022 alongside the other members of Portugal’s team.

The goalkeeper, who is 23 years old and stands a towering 1.86 meters tall, is the best candidate to succeed Mendy as he possesses impressive footwork in addition to his towering height.

This year, Costa has appeared in all 19 of FC Porto’s games and has kept a clean sheet in 9 of those matches. He has been FC Porto’s starting center back.

His employment is guaranteed through the year 2027.

2. Jordan Pickford

Pickford is widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League, despite the fact that the club he plays for is not among the top six in the standings. This opinion is shared by both professional analysts and casual fans. The fact that the goalkeeper, who is 28 years old, continues to make saves against the Three Lions demonstrates, without a shadow of a doubt, the talent that he possesses.

There is nothing particularly remarkable about Pickford’s height. She is not particularly tall.

On the other hand, he has outstanding reflexes and is very good at spreading the ball all over the field. This is one of his many strengths.

The goalkeeper who was born in 1994 had a significant impact on the ability of the Three Lions to advance all the way to the final of the 2020 European Championship and to the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup.

According to a number of reliable sources, Chelsea are seriously considering making a move for Pickford and are keeping a close eye on Everton’s performance at the “stage” of this year’s World Cup.

1. Robert Sanchez

Sanchez has been widely regarded as one of the most talented goalkeepers in the country ever since he made his Premier League debut in November of 2020. In that time, Sanchez has also made his debut. The goalkeeper for Spain plays with a style that is similar to that of Manuel Neuer, who is a member of Bayern Munich and plays the sweeper position.

The fact that Sanchez has a strong relationship with coach Graham Potter also works to Chelsea’s advantage in this transaction. During the 2022–2023 season, the Brighton goalkeeper played in all 14 games and had four clean sheets. A trip to the 2022 World Cup with the Chilean national team would be an appropriate reward for Sanchez. According to Transfermarkt’s latest estimates, he’s worth approximately 28 million pounds.


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