Chelsea aim to replace Silva with ‘Nesta 2.0’ to strengthen The Blues


A year ago, it seemed as though Chelsea would struggle in the defensive center position, but they ended up winning the position. Due to the fact that Antonio Rudiger, Andreas Christensen, and Thiago Silva were getting close to the conclusion of their existing contracts, it was highly unlikely that the terms of those players’ contracts would be extended.

Christensen and Rudiger eventually left the company on their own own, and when Todd Boehly and the other new owners arrived at the company following the acquisition, they were confronted with the difficult task of selecting successors to Christensen and Rudiger. This year, Chelsea’s back three has consisted of Wesley Fofana, Marc Cucurella, and Kalidou Koulibaly, all of whom were signed to contracts by the club during the offseason as free agents. Although none of them have gotten off to a perfect start Following Chelsea’s problems, the Blues spent a total of $165 million to acquire their talent, despite the fact that none of them have gotten off to a perfect start.

Silva, who turned 38 this year and is once again approaching the end of his contract, has played more minutes in the Premier League than any other Chelsea player this season. Silva has also played more minutes than any other Chelsea player this season. In addition to that, Silva has racked up more minutes on the field for Chelsea this season than any other player. The Brazilian player, who is currently taking part in the World Cup, made a suggestion that negotiations for a deal would begin either before or after the event, but he also stated that he wants to have his future determined so that he can begin making arrangements for what comes next. The player is currently in Russia competing in the World Cup.


The Blues used the first team throughout the summer months for their practices, and on that squad there were two players who were competent of playing center defense. Since then, Thomas Tuchel has decided to improve the team, and Levi Colwill and Ethan Ampadu have both decided to leave Stamford Bridge on loan rather than finishing the season there. Both of these decisions were made after Thomas Tuchel took the choice to improve the team.

Colwill took part in some of the training sessions at the middle of the defense during that time period; however, an injury ultimately forced him to retire from the team for the current campaign. Because the adults in charge at Chelsea did not want to make a long-term commitment to the teenager, they gave him permission to play for Brighton on loan rather than signing him to a permanent contract.

Ever since the Seagulls relocated to the Amex Stadium, the 19-year-old player has had to fight with a new head coach and a lot of fierce competition; yet, he has started three games for the team, including the final two games before the World Cup break. As Robert de Zerbi’s left-side counterpart in a center-back duo that has received outstanding praise, Colwill’s performances have the potential to place him in a strong position when the Premier League begins play. As a result of these performances, Colwill might be in a favorable position right now.


However, a person who may be most familiar with Colwill’s qualities was taken aback by his decision to leave west London. This individual was astonished by Colwill’s departure. The actions of Colwill ꜱᴜrprιꜱed this individual significantly. The previous season, Huddersfield Town’s sports director, Leigh Bromby, was the one who arranged for a Cobham product to be loaned to the Terriers. Despite the fact that Brighton is an excellent destination for the Cobham product, Bromby believes that the defender will eventually find himself playing for the first team.

The subsequent step of going out on loan in the Premier League and then making that transfer to the first squad is a feasible next step, according to what he stated to the Athletic. This step comes after the initial step of going out on loan in the Championship. In addition to that, he added that he was taken aback by the lack of rumors connecting him to Chelsea. I am aware of the boy’s tremendous longing to play, as well as his ambition to do well in whatever he does. Because of his intelligence, he is fully conscious of the fact that during this season it is imperative for him to take part in games.

On paper, it appears to be a very nice option, and it gives the impression that it would be suitable for him to take that path. It is not hard to picture him moving on to Chelsea and immediately being a regular there if he has a strong showing this year and continues his strong play there.

Given that the club is willing to pay more money up front in order to bolster their roster, the summer that just passed demonstrated that it would not be an easy assignment for a defender to go through. During the summer following the current one, Colwill will have another chance to attempt. It is quite possible that the knowledge that Graham Potter was anxious to sign him during the summer and that he would have the opportunity to evaluate him over the course of a long period of time may offer him with some amount of solace.

Despite this, Chelsea has remained in communication with players such as Josko Gvardiol despite the numerous events that have taken place over the course of the summer. The fight to earn a spot on the Blues’ starting lineup is a continuous one that never comes to a conclusion. In spite of this, Bromby believes that Colwill possesses an incontestable talent as well as a tremendous amount of potential.

According to him, the number of center backs who play on their left foot is relatively low. He does have a respectable chance of winning. From my vantage point, the future holds an abundance of potential for him.

“Were any of us under the assumption that he would achieve such a high level of performance? Because we warned the coaches, they would either be the ones who gave a future England international his first start or the ones who let him down when he reveαled his story to the media. This is due to the fact that we warned the coaches. This is as a result of the fact that we sent them a warning. We had a great deal of faith that he would develop into a very significant contributor to the squad as time went on.”

The level of confidence that Chelsea has in Colwill’s ability will be reflected in the quality of the work that they create in the years to come. Unambiguous and a demonstration of support for the family, the resolution that was reached in August to prevent the youngster from leaving the nation permanently was unanimously approved. It is probable that the next move made by the Blues may be more significant for the player who previously played on loan for Huddersfield and whose present term will run out in 2025. This is because the player’s contract is set to expire in 2025.




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