Check out the top 10 games with the best music quality in the gaming world

Music is an extremely important factor that can determine the success of a blockbuster product when it is released.

Every time you experience a game, gamers will show their interest in many different factors, from graphics, gameplay and music, which is also one of the indispensable things to create popularity. of a certain game.

Indeed, music for a game is an indispensable thing, becoming a bridge between players to the content of the game, bringing messages from the developer and creating a special atmosphere for each game. situation that occurs in a certain game. Therefore the importance of music to the success of a game is immense.

In today’s post Lagvn will take a look at the games that are rated by the gaming community with extremely good music, thereby increasing gamers’ gaming experience to a new level.


With the music creating a chill feeling, constantly changing with the emotions and moods of the characters, making the player feel like he is entering the world of the game.

Ori and the Blind Forest

The music of the game is extremely appreciated by the gaming community, from the theme to the ingame, it is extremely catchy, creating a sense of lightness for gamers when experiencing.

Road 96

The music section is diverse in genres such as Pop Ballad, R&B to Rock, not only making the gaming experience more attractive, but you can also listen to them anywhere, still very suitable.

Doki Doki Literature Club!

The music is extremely cute and very attractive even though the details of the game can make many gamers “fall back”. The most notable is the work Your Reality, which can be considered the best song of Doki Doki Literature Club!.

Death Stranding

Because it is a game that is more about “shipper” work, the music is also very carefully invested to create excitement for gamers. Most of Death Stranding’s music is highly appreciated by players and there are some songs performed by famous names in the international music industry.

Persona 5

One of the games is considered to have the best music and all previous games are also invested in extremely quality music. Even Persona 5 has a separate album released to satisfy fans’ passion.


Lavender Town

With 8bit sound that is somewhat ghostly and slightly confusing, it is still one of the games with attractive sound, creating a gloomy atmosphere for the entire game.

The Last Of Us

Not only received the Game of The Year award, but The Last Of Us also received countless compliments and awards for its great music. Currently, the Playlist of The Last Of Us has appeared on iTunes and there are even covers performed at major stages around the world.

Genshin Impact

Not only is Hoyoverse famous for its large open-world gameplay, well-invested storyline, but Hoyoverse also spends a lot of money on music. Even Genshin Impact concerts are often held during special events, and Genshin Impact’s soundtracks have received a lot of praise from fans and even those who haven’t played the game. also fascinated by the music too quality.

NieR: Automata

The music of NieR: Automata is so good that it makes this game always on the list of the best music games of all time. The lyrics and language are presented in a bold, highly artistic and extremely addictive way.

League of Legends

A company “Makes music better than makes games”, so surely the music products of League of Legends are invested a lot in quality. Not only that, the quality of the music videos is also incredibly detailed, making many gamers admire every time they see a certain product.

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