Brazil dгаmаticаlly knocked out, Neymar burst into tears

Friday marked the beginning of Brazil’s World Cup match against Croatia, which took place in the quarterfinals of the competition.

After Brazil was eliminated from the World Cup by Croatia on Friday night, some of the Brazilian team members, including Neymar, were seen crying. The five-time defending world champions were eliminated from the competition after losing in a penalty shootout at the conclusion of their quarterfinal match.

Croatia vs Brazil

The match took place in the Education City Stadium, where Brazil completely dominated the competition by peppering the Croatian goal with shots for the whole match. But despite their best efforts, the goalie for the European squad, Dominik Livakovic, made a number of saves, and they were unable to break the tie.

Neymar scored for Brazil during stoppage time at the end of the first period to give his team the lead heading into the second phase of play after the game had been scoreless for the first 90 minutes. As the minutes of extra time ticked away, it seemed as though the South American powers would advance to the semifinals of the competition. But with only four minutes left on the clock, Croatia’s Bruno Petkovic scored an equalizer for his team. And then the misery of the penalty shootout began for Brazil to live through.

The first penalty kick for Brazil was taken by Rodrygo, who was unsuccessful. And after Croatia scored on every one of their opportunities, Tite’s team was eliminated from the competition when Marquinhos’ penalty shot rebounded against the post. Croatia went on to win the match 4-0.

Embarrassing moment of Man United star

As a result of Croatia’s strong defense, Brazil was unable to break the stalemate, therefore Brazil’s head coach Tite made a substitution by putting Antony on the field in place of Raphinha. On the day when Raphinha played without much energy, Tite anticipated that Antony would cause havoc on the right side by creating disrupting balls.

After going on with 56 minutes remaining, the star player for Manchester United played with a lot of aggression. Nevertheless, the humorous circumstance that the audience found themselves in was his most amazing moment.

In particular, the match between Antony and Ivan Perisic took place in the 74th minute. The player who was born in the year 2000 was able to quickly cut into the middle by moving the ball long, but then he fell to the ground, which prompted many people to feel that Perisic had fouled him. The replay, on the other hand, demonstrates that Perisic had no effect whatsoever on Antony. After realizing that he couldn’t get past the Croatian defender, the young player for Manchester United found himself in the position of having to fend for himself in order to look for a free kick.

Despite receiving an active penalty, Antony continued to request a free kick from the referee. The request made by the Brazilian player was, of course, denied by the referee, and as a result, Antony became a character who was made fun of for his obvious “stumbling on the grass” phase.

“A great escape for Croatia on the right wing”

Brazil had a difficult first half against Croatia and they let the opposing right-back pose many challenges.

No. 1 candidate for the championship Brazil meets World Cup runner-up Croatia in the quarter-finals. Brazil is more appreciated, but Croatia creates many difficulties for the Samba army.

The European representative defends closely and is ready to control the ball to organize an attack. In most situations, Croatia focused on drilling through Brazil’s left wing thanks to the arrival of right-back Josip Juranovic.

Juranovic is not afraid to confront Danilo when taking advantage of the speed and technique that makes the opponent tired. Witnessing the performance of the 27-year-old star after more than 2/3 of the first round, Sky Sports expert Peter Smith praised:

“A great outlet for Croatia on the right. The full-back has the pace and dribbling ability to move Croatia forward quickly. According to FIFA data, more than 50% of the ball attacks come in. One-third of Croatia’s opponent’s field is from the right.”

The fact that Croatia came to the end was part of Juranovic’s effort. He is the number one right-back of the team when starting every match at the 2022 World Cup.



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