Brave dog devotes her life protecting owner who was attacked by Sharks

In a real heroic act, an Australian boat captain was saved from a shark attack by his dog, who gave her life to defend him.

In Australia, a boat skipper is mourning the death of his pet dog after she went into shark-infested seas in what he believes was an attempt to protect him.

Franz Van Derpoll tells the West Australian that he was spearfishing for supper off the coast of Point Sampson when he was suddenly surrounded by two sharks, a life-threatening scenario that apparently wasn’t missed by his canine friend, Sky, who had been waiting quietly onboard his boat.

Sky rushed in after her owner, maybe sensing the danger he was in, a gallant gesture that ultimately cost her life.

Brave dog devotes her life protecting owner who was attacked by Sharks 1

Sky with Shanaye Freegard, Van Derpoll’s granddaughter.

“She’s probably decided to jump over the side to protect me and when I came up from my second dive there was lots of blood in the water and no dog,” says Van Derpoll.

“I had two good years with her in the end but sometimes I wish it was me and not her … I’m 62 and I’ve had dogs all my life but she was just one of those dogs; Sky was special.”

Sky was malnourished and displayed indications of abuse, according to friends, when she first showed up at the dock where Van Derpoll works – however her life, and his, altered when they met. It didn’t take long for the captain and his dog to become attached, with her excitedly accompanying him whenever he headed out on his boat. Sky, on the other hand, was more than just a pet; she assisted Van Derpoll in his recovery from a terrible loss…

Brave dog devotes her life protecting owner who was attacked by Sharks 2

Sky provided him with a lot of the unconditional love and attention he had lost with the passing of his wife

“I thought I’d never love anything again after my wife died,” he says. “Sky to me, she took Mary’s place when she passed… she was a beautiful person if you could put a person and dog in the same category that would be Sky.

“You only fall in love twice in your life – once with your wife and once with a dog.”

Van Derpoll’s daughter, Kate Freegard, says that Sky was able to put a smile back on her father’s face in the midst of his heartache — so jumping into the dangerous waters that day wasn’t the first time she saved him.

“Dad may have rescued her but I feel she is the one that rescued him too.”


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