Being quoted ‘unbelievable price’, Man Utd gave up on the best Ronaldo’s replacement

The partner’s insistence on maintaining the same transfer fee has put the deal between Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo’s successor in jeopardy. It now appears that the deal will come to a halt.

Since terminating the contract with Cristiano Ronaldo in November, Manchester United has not yet found a replacement for the 37-year-old striker. Man United is still actively looking for a replacement.

Rashford is still performing admirably in the role of the midfielder, but it is abundantly clear that playing at number 10 is not a viable option over the course of the season, and Martial is too injury prone.

Therefore, the name Joao Felix, who plays for Atletico Madrid, is the one that is mentioned most frequently by fans as Man United’s number one target in this Eastern market.

It is said that Ronaldo’s fellow countryman striker wants to move to a new stop to get more main kicks and also get the go-ahead from the Spanish club to leave. Ronaldo is currently playing for Real Madrid.

However, despite the fact that both parties are on board with the concept of the transfer, the disagreement centers on the amount of the closing fee. The asking price of Atletico Madrid is said to be quite high, with 15 million euros in loan fees and 6 million euros in salary for Felix, as reported by The Athletic. For a six-month contract, the total cost could reach up to 21 million euros, making it prohibitively expensive for any club to sign on as a partner.

The Athletic reports that Manchester United actually made contact with Atletico Madrid about Joao Felix’s situation during the summer of 2017.

It was reported at the time in the Spanish press that Felix’s value could reach up to 135 million euros, but the La Liga club decided to reject an offer from United despite the fact that they had received it.

The relationship between Felix and coach Simeone has become significantly strained at the present time, which is one of the primary contributing factors to Felix’s desire to quit.

On the Man United side, recruiting a traditional striker is a priority, but the club is working with a limited budget and there aren’t many options currently available in the market. As a result, Felix becomes the best option at this time, except for the price.

Arsenal, in addition to Manchester United, is said to be interested in the deal. According to transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, both clubs will negotiate directly with Felix’s agent Jorge Mendes this week in the hopes of reaching a more favorable agreement.

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