Because of Cristiano Ronaldo, FIFA just taken an ‘ᴜnɑccеptɑblе’ action against Lionel Messi

FIFA has deleted TWO tweets in response to a tremendous protest from Cristiano Ronaldo’s fervent supporters.

Ronaldo struggled in Qatar, scoring only once from the penalty spot before being substituted.

Meanwhile, his great rivɑl Lionel Messi won the tournament and the Golden Ball after scoring seven goals and providing three assists.

The 35-year-exploits old’s officially ended the GOAT debate for many fans, and Fifa’s official World Cup Twitter account tweeted a statement to that effect.

This tweet was quickly removed

“The GOAT debate is over,” they wrote. The big prize is now part of the collection.

“Leo Messi is your @Budweiser Player of the Match on the day @Argentina won their third #FIFAWorldCup.”

The post appears to have irritated some Ronaldo fan accounts and has garnered attention even after it was deleted.

“A thorough account of the world’s largest football organization,” someone wrote.

“It’s always been Ronaldo against the corrupt system.”

“Very unprofessional,” a second said.

“It’s everyone against him,” a third complained.

Fifa deleted yet another innocuous tweet.

Ronaldo fans felt that this tweet was disrespectful

“Thumbs up if you really appreciated the #FIFAWorldCup,” they wrote beside a photo of Ronaldo smiling and lifting his thumb.

Some fans took the comment as an ιnsult to the 37-year-old, who had a poor campaign.

“FIFA making fun of Ronaldo,” someone wrote. This tweet has subsequently been removed.”

Another strange claim: “Fifa’s favoritism in that now-deleted tweet confirms our long-held suspicion of a rigged system against Ronaldo.”

Ronaldo’s tournament ended in the quarter-finals when Portugal was defeated 1-0 by Morocco.

He came on in the 51st minute but had no impact.

After the game, he departed the field in tears, clearly realizing his World Cup dream had ended.

Piers Morgan believes Cristiano Ronaldo is still the greatest player of all time, while Lionel Messi ranks fourth.

Following Lionel Messi’s masterclass in Tuesday night’s World Cup semi-final, Piers Morgan controversially rated Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, and Brazilian Ronaldo ahead of him in his GOAT rankings.

Argentina advanced to the World Cup final courtesy to a goal and an assist from the 35-year-old forward.

Following the game, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner stated that the encounter against France or Morocco on Sunday would be his final appearance in an Argentina shirt.

“I am incredibly delighted for finishing my adventure in World Cups in a final, to play the last game in a final. “That’s really satisfying,” he said.

“Everything I’ve experienced in this World Cup has been emotional, knowing how much it’s meant to Argentina,” Messi ended.

“There are many years between now and then. That’s something I doubt I’ll be able to accomplish. Finishing in this manner is incredible.”

Despite being past his “prime” years, many see Messi as the best player in the world.

Piers Morgan, a journalist and TV personality, says he isn’t even in the top three.

“So, @piersmorgan, where are we now in the Ronaldo vs. Messi debate?” Jeff Stelling, a soccer Saturday broadcaster, stated after the final whistle on Tuesday night.

“I think Cristiano Ronaldo is the best ever,” Morgan continued, “Maradona is second, and Messi is third (maybe fourth, behind R9).”

Morgan, who recently finished a honest interview with Cristiano Ronaldo, has stated repeatedly that the former Manchester United and Real Madrid аttаcker is the best of all time.

Despite the fɑct that a 2012 tweet shows he once thought Messi was the GOAT.

“My top ten greatest footballers are as follows: 1) Messi 3) Maradona,” he tweeted on December 9, 2012. Pele (4), Best (5), Cruyff (7), Zidane (8), Henry (9), and Ronaldo (10).”

Ronaldo’s old colleague Wayne Rooney tweeted months before the aforementioned post: “Messi is a joke.”

“In my opinion, the best ever.”

After ten years, the current manager of D.C. United responded to his own counsel by declaring, “Nothing has changed.”


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