Suspicion of Korea chеаtinɡ in the victory against Portugal at the 2022 World Cup

South Korea coach Paulo Bento still seems to be in contact with the coaching staff despite receiving a FIFA penalty due to a red card in the match against Ghana. Read more

‘Keep quiet, you’re not my father’: Cristiano Ronaldo argued

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in a heated dispute during Portugal's 1-2 loss to South Korea. Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo makes costly error leading Uruguay eliminated from World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo makes a costly blunder while attempting to evade the ball, which allows South Korea to tie the game against Portugal. Read more

Inside the VIP room for the rich to watch the 2022 World Cup

The most expensive room with a beautiful location, free dining, luxury service ... costs up to more than 22,000 USD a game. Read more

FIFA suspects Spain to let Japan win to eliminate Germany

Doubts about Spain releasing Japan to push Germany out of the 2022 World Cup are emerging. To be fair, these doubts have a certain emotional and logical basis. Read more

Breaching FIFA rules, big team at the World Cup receive disciplinary fine

Senegal slapped with £8,700 fine for breaching Fifa rules ahead of World Cup last-16 clash against England. Read more

Proof of valid goal that helps Japan defeat Spain

Sensor technology on the official ball of the 2022 World Cup helps Japan beat Spain in the 2022 World Cup. Read more

Lakaka made ‘startled hattrick’, Belgium bitterly eliminated by Croatia at the World Cup

Romelu Lukaku blows FOUR good chances in one half, and Belgium loses and is eliminated from the World Cup. Read more

Having affair with teammate’s wife, famous striker banned from playing at 2022 World Cup

Striker Dusan Vlahovic is said to have had an affair with the wife of teammate Predrag Rajkovic. This leads to emotional dents in the Serbian national team at the 2022… Read more

France asks FIFA to explain the reason for Ƅгeaking law to cancel Griezmann’s goal

The French Football Federation has asked FIFA for an explanation for Antoine Griezmann's disallowed goal in stoppage time in the second half against Tunisia. Read more