Ashe became the most popular support in the last 5 versions of League of Legends

Cung Bang suddenly emerged during a recent period in League of Legends, but in a rather new role.

Despite being a pure AD carry, Ashe has been picked more often in a different position during the last 5 League of Legends updates. She has been a priority pick in solo queue support since patch 12.11 according to some stats sites.

In update 12.16 that landed on League of Legends servers recently, Ashe recorded a pick rate of up to 60.8% as a support champion, while having only a mere 38.7% pick rate in the past. the role of gunner, counting from Platinum rank and above.

Ashe hasn’t received any direct changes since patch 12.5 when her W – Scattering Arrow and Big Ice Arrow were slightly tweaked. She also received a sound patch in version 12.9 like every other champion. In update 12.11, Ashe’s win rate in support role was 55.7% and dropped to 50.2% in 12.12 update but slowly increased again in subsequent updates.

Ashe’s change probably comes from the item sent to support fighting style – Emperor’s Order. This item gives Ashe the ability to drag and slow / stun the enemy extremely well with Scattering Arrow and Great Ice Arrow. Along with that, it provides the ability to deal extra damage to the enemy when hit by her teammates. Ashe’s change in solo queue has also affected pro play – but not in all tournaments. Support players in the LPL tend to like her more than other regions. In the 2022 Summer LCK, she has a 10:5 pick ratio in favor of the pure ADC position.

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