Argentinians ‘made fortune’ thank to Messi’s rude actions

Messi’s profanity with Dutch striker Weghorst suddenly became a “fishing rod” for the Argentine people.

The match between Argentina and the Netherlands in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup has ended, but the echoes it left are still very hot. Not only because of the results but also related to the happenings on the field.

The collision fierys became the highlight of the day, such as the situation where Paredes kicked the ball into the Netherlands’ Cabin or Lionel Messi had rude words with striker Weghorst. specifically, Messi pointed towards the 1m97 tall striker and grumpily: “What the hell are you looking at, you idiot. Go away.”

However, the people of Argentina do not think it is rude because according to some fans in this country, the language that Messi uses is too gentle compared to what happens on the streets of Argentina.

The people of this country even printed Messi’s swear words with Weghorst on their shirts to make a profit. According to many sources from Argentina, the shirts with the image of Messi with the swear words sell “expensive as hot cakes” and each one costs about 10 pounds.

The designer of the shirts shared: “Messi has always been associated with the image of a calm, quiet and quiet person. However, the act of Messi getting angry with Wehhorst suddenly made Messi explode, phase a bit rebellious like Maradona. So that moment. attracted a lot of attention.”

What Messi shows is worthy of the expectations of the Argentine people. At the 2022 World Cup, El Pulga is the driving force to help Argentina go deep in this tournament, and at the same time is the number 1 hope for the South American country.

Argentina team changed tactics in the semi-final with Croatia, Di Maria was a substitute?

Argentine national team head coach Lionel Scaloni is expected to make adjustments to the team’s strategy for the World Cup semi-final match against Croatia in 2022. The fact that Angel di Maria did not participate in the game from the beginning is the most notable aspect of this adjustment.

During the group stage of the World Cup 2022, Argentina played three matches, and Angel di Maria started all three of those matches. However, since since the club advanced to the knockout stage, the top player for Juventus has seen significantly less playing time.

In the 1/8 round match against Australia, which we won 2-1, he did not participate in the game. When Argentina was playing the Netherlands in the quarterfinals, Di Maria did not replace Lisandro Martinez until the second overtime period.

Ole claims that Angel di Maria remained on the bench for Argentina’s semi-final match against Croatia despite having participated in the starting lineup of Argentina’s primary team during their most recent training session. Just a few hours before the game begins, Head Coach Scaloni will typically choose the 11 players that will play from the very first play.

It is anticipated that Mr. Scaloni will alter the strategic approach that Argentina will take. The reigning champions of the Copa America decided to convert from their typical 3-midfield configuration to a 4-4-2 style in order to defend their title.

This move is being made to assist Argentina in securing numbers in the middle of the field in order to limit the ability of the Croatian midfield trio of Luka Modric, Marcelo Brozovic, and Mateo Kovacic to hold onto the ball and coordinate their play. Leandro Paredes is likely going to take Di Maria’s spot in the starting lineup when the match begins.

Paderes, Rodrigo de Paul, Enzo Fernandez, and Alexis Mac Allister are expected to form Argentina’s heroic midfield quartet for their match against Croatia. Messi either plays as a striker alongside Julian Alvarez or plays freely right behind the youthful star on the staff of the Man City club. Both of these roles have been filled by Messi.

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