Argentina’s hero had ‘ugly’ action when receiving award, fans are very critical

Emiliano Martinez, the goalkeeper for Argentina, had a great game against France, however the way he celebrated after winning the “Golden Glove” was extremely insensitive. Martinez’s performance was outstanding.

During Argentina’s victory against France in the World Cup final in 2022, Emi Martinez was a shining star for the team. In the second period of extra time, the goalkeeper for Aston Villa prevented the Tango squad from falling behind by a goal.

Then, on the penalty spot, Emi Martinez made an outstanding stop on Kingsley Coman’s kick, which was a significant factor in Argentina’s victory over Les Bleus with a score of 4-2. The former star from Arsenal was able to win the Golden Glove award by turning in a stellar performance not just in the championship match but also earlier in the 2022 World Cup.

While Emi Martinez was heading up to the stage to receive the prize for being the tournament’s best goalie, she acted in a very rude manner. The activities of Martinez came under intense scrutiny on various social media platforms.

‘I wonder what the hell is he thinking? It’s so much fun that you can’t help it, right?’

‘Look at the face of the organizers, maybe he was shocked by Martinez’s gesture’

‘Emi Martinez is proof that men never grow up’

‘Emi Martinez is an undisputedly excellent goalkeeper, but always behaves condemnable’

‘I wouldn’t be surprised if the Qatari government punished Martinez for acting so foolishly while they were in a Muslim country.’

Messi ‘closes’ his happy future after winning the World Cup

After helping Argentina fulfill their World Cup ambition, superstar Lionel Messi gave his fans some very good news concerning the future.

Argentina’s thrilling victory in the championship marked the formal conclusion of the 2022 World Cup. In the championship game, the two sides chased the score to a 3-3 draw after 120 minutes before the more skilled Tango dancers in the penalty shootout. This scenario could not be more thrilling.

Argentina and France both put on a magnificent final for spectators all over the world. There, the star players for each team are Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi.

Messi entered the World Cup’s history with a number of noteworthy records after scoring two goals to help Argentina win the title. After winning a sizable number of trophies, the 35-year-old superstar also shared some excellent news with NHM.

Messi revealed to the media after the game that he will continue to wear the national team uniform rather than ending his international career once he has accumulated all the trophies.

“I won’t give up playing for the national team. To uphold the country’s World Cup victory, I want to continue to give my all to Argentina. I’m glad that objective is here because I missed it before. Really. This has been long in coming for me.

I can’t wait to return for the festivities in my hometown and witness the mayhem there. We’ve endured a lot of pain. What else is there to anticipate today? Football is a truly bizarre sport. Every child wants to win the World Cup. This competition is in honor of Argentina’s people “stated Messi.

Messi once declared that he will leave the Argentina team after the competition, regardless of whether the home team won or lost, before the match against France. Super athletes over 35 appreciate the sensation of being at the top of the world after five World Cups.

With 96 goals throughout 167 national team appearances since his debut in 2005, Messi continues to hold the record for most goals scored by an Argentine player.

Messi has won 37 club championships during the course of his 18-year career, seven “Golden Ball” honors, one Copa America title, one Olympic gold medal in men’s football, and the world championship trophy right now.

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