Argentina hero continue having ‘unacceptable’ action to Mbappe

After they were defeated by the South American representative, the opponent continually made fun of the French striker by calling him names.

Emiliano Martinez, the goalie for Argentina, took the chance to make fun of Kylian Mbappe, the top player for France, after Argentina defeated France to win the World Cup in 2022.

Players from Argentina celebrate winning the championship with some dancing in the locker room. Everyone could be heard singing together, “one minute of silence for Mbappe,” before goalkeeper Martinez broke the silence by yelling, “For Mbappe, who is ԀeaԀ!”

Martinez continued to make fun of Mbappe while they were at the victory parade in his hometown. While he is dancing and singing, he is holding a doll that has the face of the French striker on it. Lionel Messi is currently positioned next to Martinez.

When a group of Messi’s admirers presented him with a Ninja Turtle mask, he and the other player shared a good laugh. It is important that everyone is aware that Mbappe’s nιckname is Ninja Turtles.

A dispute between Martinez and Mbappe occurred shortly before the championship match. He added that “Mbappe believes that the standard of football in South America is lower than that of Europe due to the fact that he did not play football in South America. After he finished speaking, there was no further action taken. Argentina is a team with world-class players, and as a result, they respect us.”

Mbappe had a sensational game, as he scored three goals against Martinez to become the first player to record a hat trιck in a World Cup final since England icon Geoff Hurst did so in 1966. Martinez was the opponent for Mbappe’s hat trιck, and Mbappe scored all three goals.

After that, he continued his streak of good performance by kιcking the penalty kιck in the 11-meter save series successfully. Nevertheless, Martinez was successful in the end and emerged victorious. The title was won by Argentina after they prevailed against France in a penalty shootout with a 4-2 score.

Coming back strong, France gave Mbappe the biggest responsibility of his career?

Kylian Mbappe, who has been selected to carry the highest responsibilities, will be at the center of all planning for France’s comeback after the 2022 World Cup.

The French squad appeared in front of home supporters in central Paris on the evening of December 20 to commemorate their fantastic trip to Qatar, despite losing to Argentina in the 2022 World Cup final.

Additionally, attacker Kylian Mbappe turns 24 on December 20. At front of 50,000 spectators in Concorde Square, the PSG striker made an emotional entrance. Mbappe was unable to cheer him up at the time, especially after giving it his all against Argentina by scoring a hat-trιck, but he was still unsuccessful.

Mbappe, however, recently issued a resounding message to his admirers around the world, saying, “Nous reviendrons,” suggesting that he will soon return to his best (rough translation: We will be back). Similar to No. 10, France is also reported to have urgent intentions to resume play following the loss, in which the 24-year-old striker unquestionably still serves as the center.

According to L’Équipe, France is specifically exploring a number of solutions to adjust internal staff in order to get ready for the upcoming major tournament, EURO 2024. Given that current Les Bleus captain Hugo Lloris is potentially leaving the team, they are genuinely considering giving Mbappe the captain’s hat.

The biggest responsibility of Mbappe’s career may be said to be this, yet it is wholly worthwhile. Particularly when this striker shown group leadership by scoring a hat-trιck in the championship match, boosting the morale of Les Bleus despite being down 2-0.

The PSG forward has won the global championship at the age of 19 and has gained 66 caps for France to far, scoring 36 goals, 12 of which were at the World Cup. The stats are too good for a player who just turned 24 years old. Mbappe has previously worn the captain’s armband twice for PSG, so it is possible that he won’t seem out of the ordinary if he assumes this position for the national team.

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