Antony shows off and is in dɑnger of ‘meeting’ the police

Antony faces the ρrosρect of being “questioned” by police after displaying his property.

Antony, a MU winger, is in dɑnger of being apprehended by police after posting a video of himself driving on the highway on social media. Antony deleted the video, but it quickly spread on the Internet.

Antony in his Lamborghini, which he paid nearly 350,000 pounds for.

Antony spent nearly £350,000 on a Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae supercar to commemorate his selection for the 2022 World Cup in Brazil. Antony filmed himself while driving, acting quite excited, the camera focusing primarily on the Lamborghini logo on the car and the player’s fine watch.

However, driving while using a cellphone is a traffic violɑtion, and Antony appears to be aware of this, as he later deleted the video from his Instagram account. This video has been shared on other platforms too late, and it is evidence in the case of Antony being sanctioned.

There have been numerous cases in English law of players posting videos of themselves driving on the internet and then being “questioned” by police. Even if there is no formal complaint filed in court by a plaintiff in this country, the police can do it in person. This explains why Mason Greenwood’s trial will continue even if his ex-girlfriend withdraws her lawsuit.

Even though he attempted to delete the video, Antony may be questioned by police.

Antony has had a good start since joining MU this summer, and he currently plays on the right wing of the team’s attɑck. Until the recent case of driving while using a cellphone, Antony’s most notable incident was that he frequently performed ineffective rotations during competition. However, those are merely technical criticisms, and Antony has received a great deal of support for his playing style.

Antony, who is 22 years old this year, once stated that he and his family were too poor to make owning a car a pipe dream. “I’m just a boy from the slums, I don’t have football boots, I don’t have a bedroom and I have to lie on the sofa. “Drg dealers are about 20 meters from my house,” Antony said in an interview with Sky Sports.


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