Antony made ’embarrassing mistake’, Neymar and team-mates kicked out of World Cup in tear

Brazil was tied before Croatia’s strong defense, so Tite made a change by sending Antony on the field to replace Raphinha. Tite expected Antony to create disruptive balls on the right on the day Raphinha played without energy.

After coming on after 56 minutes, the Manchester United star played quite aggressively. However, his most memorable moment stemmed from an amusing situation for the audience.

Because Brazil’s offense was unable to break through Croatia’s strong defense, Brazil’s head coach Tite made a substitution by sending Antony out onto the field in place of Raphinha. Tite anticipated that Antony would create disruptive balls on the right side on the day that Raphinha played without much energy.

The star player for Manchester United entered the game with 56 minutes remaining and immediately played with a lot of aggression. However, the most remarkable thing about that moment was the fact that it was funny for the audience.

Brazil was dramatically knocked out of the World Cup, and Neymar and his teammates burst into tears.

On Friday night, when Brazil was knocked out of the World Cup by Croatia, Neymar and his teammates all started crying. The five-time world champions were eliminated when they lost in a penalty shootout at the end of their quarter-final game.

Brazil won the game at the Education City Stadium, where they kept shooting at Croatia’s goal the whole time. They tried to break the tie, but Dominik Livakovic, the goalkeeper for the European team, stopped all of their shots.

After 90 minutes, the game went into extra time. At the end of the first period, Neymar scored to give Brazil the lead. As extra time went on, it looked like the big teams from South America would make it to the semi-finals. But with only four minutes left, Bruno Petkovic of Croatia tied the game. Then, Brazil had to take part in a penalty shootout.

The first penalty kick for Brazil was missed by Rodrygo. After all of Croatia’s attempts were successful, Tite’s team was kicked out of the tournament when Marquinhos’ penalty shot hit the post and went out.

Brazil have been knocked out of the World Cup after losing to Croatia (Image: GETTY)

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