Angel Di Maria scores a beautiful second goal to end a thrilling passing move… with Kylian Mbappe isolated

After a contentious penalty gave Argentina the advantage in the heavyweight match in the World Cup final on Sunday, supporters flocked to Twitter to voice their opinions.

After seeming to be tackled by France’s Ousmane Demebele in the 22nd minute of the World Cup final, Angel Di Maria earned his team a penalty early on.

To give the Albiceleste an early 1-0 lead, Lionel Messi stepped up and converted the penalty kick by sending French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris the wrong way.

Fans on Twitter are outraged that Angel Di Maria was awarded a penalty after a foul from Ousmane Dembele

The referee sounded his whistle for the foul after what appeared to be a tackle from Dembele coming from behind the star player for Juventus.

Joe Barton was quick to refute the claim, stating that there has “Never been a punishment.”

And Piers Morgan agreed with them, stating that “That wasn’t a penalty.”

Their ideas reflected the overall sentiment of those who were watching, despite the fact that some supporters went even further.

One spectator commented that the penalty was unlike anything they had ever seen before, saying, “That is one of the stupidest things I’ve seen in a major final.” This viewer also stated that the penalty was beyond anything else they had ever seen.

Some supporters felt that the awarding of the penalty kick in the championship game was simply the most recent in a long line of previous penalties that had been handed to Argentina.

The penalty kick goal was scored by Lionel Messi, giving him a total of six goals for the game, including four from the penalty spot.

According to the commentary of one supporter, the situation with Argentina and penalties has reached actually ridiculous proportions at this point. Something like this has never appeared in my experience before.

Another person said that there is no way it should be a penalty, but they surprised them by giving it to Argentina. We had a complete understanding of the outcome of the game before it had even begun.

A third individual inquired about the total number of penalties that Argentina had been assessed throughout this World Cup. absurd method of selection

The verdict of the fourth judge was that Argentina did not stand a chance of winning the championship if it weren’t for the dubious penalties that they had received at various points during the game.

Fans took to Twitter to protest the award of the spot kick with many believing it was a soft penalty

Others saw it as proof that FIFA was trying to give Messi more chances to score.

The captain of Argentina scored against France for the sixth time in the competition, but it was his fourth penalty kick goal.

‘No yellow card for ludicrous foul on Lloris and once again a great present from the ref,’ a furious viewer said. Way too light of a penalty. “Golden trinity” of Messi, Qatar, and FIFA.

Another said: “This FIFA preoccupation with getting on your last nerve is insane!” I just checked, and that wasn’t a fine! Again!’

Some spectators asserted that the penalty was a part of FIFA’s expanding initiative to provide Messi with scoring opportunities.

However, some believed there was sufficient proof to award the penalty after the Barcelona winger clipped Di Maria.

Alan Shearer was heard to shout, “Who else except Messi!” The use of pen was the best option.

This remark was additionally supported by Mark Goldbridge, who penned the following: “Soft yet a pen for me. Dembele is the one to cut him off.

As a seven-time winner of the Ballon d’Or, Chris Dixon considered the decision to be less important than his concentration on improving his ability to score from the penalty spot.

Dixon expressed his gratitude in a post on social media to the one who “finally showed Messi how to take penalties.”

One French supporter, however, remained unmoved in the face of the controversial penalty and stated, “We’ll fight to the end, but please don’t get that much seum.” “Everyone present agrees that the manner in which the Penalty was handed out was inappropriate.”

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