‘Uɴbеliеvɑble’: World’s richest corporations fιght for Man Utd takeover, Glazers ‘in cιvιl wаг’

According to rumours, Amazon and Apple are considering buying Manchester United from Glazers.

Amazon has emerged as a possible buyer for Manchester United

According to speculations, Amazon has surfaced as a possible buyer for Manchester United after the Glazers put the club up for sale. After 17 years of antagonism, the US is ready to split ways with the Red Devils. They anticipate recovering between £6 bιllιon and £7 bιllιon and completing any potential acquisition by the first quarter of the following year.

The Glazers have controlled Manchester United since 2005, and Sir Alex Ferguson was the first to fill the trophy case at Old Trafford.

However, in the years after the Scot’s retirement, they have been increasingly chastised for holding back managers such as David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer when they were in control.

Last month, United fans were ecstatic to learn that the Glazers were willing to sell the club.

Amazon, Jeff Bezos’ former company, is already involved in football, and The Athletic reports that insiders close to the negotiations have named Amazon as a potential buyer.

They have a sponsorship relationship with Napoli, who currently lead Serie A, and can also broadcast Premier League matches.

Apple, another massive corporation, has already been mentioned.

According to rumors, they exclusively buy other companies to “integrate intellectual property into commodities” and are “conservative” regarding sponsorship.

The Glazers are reportedly demanding between £6 bιllιon and £7 bιllιon to sell Manchester United, a number that would make any potential рurchase the most expensive in sports history.

Despite this, several London-based employees believe that achieving this goal will be challenging, especially given the current economic climate.

Joe Ravitch will represent the Glazers in any future sale negotiations on behalf of the investment bank Raine Group.

Apple makes an offer, and the Glazers are “engaged in a civil strᴜggle” over the sale of the club

In response to the Glazers’ decision to sell Manchester United, Apple has emerged as a potential buyer.

According to a recent report, Manchester United owners Joel and Avram Glazer attempted to buy out the rest of their family earlier this year. Despite the crowd’s long-standing opposition, the United States has dominated at Old Trafford since 2005. As a result of the impending split, Apple is out of the running to acquire the Red Devils.

Sir Alex Ferguson ensured that Manchester United remained the dominant power in the country during his managerial tenure after the Glazers bought the club in 2005.

However, since the Scot’s retirement, the Red Devils have been unable to compete with the best, and the Glazers are now in a position to capitalize.

According to The Athletic, Joel and Avram Glazer “attempted to buy out” their brothers last summer.

According to sources, they believed that releasing their brothers Edward, Kevin, and Bryan, as well as their sister Darcie, would allow them to operate the club more efficiently and cohesively.

They claimed that having four unique voices on the board impeded development and caused problems like the Old Trafford reconstruction to go on. Even if some relatives were eager to give a decade ago, this did not happen.

According to reports, Joel and Avram Glazer were astounded by the anticipated cost of £1.2 bιllιon to £1.6 bιllιon to restore or construct a new stadium for Manchester United.

Apple, on the other hand, has ruled out a takeover and is not in the running to become United’s next owner.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is said to have been “caught off guard” by the Glazers’ decision to sell the Red Devils, as he had previously stated that he did not believe they were for sale.

Ratcliffe, who also owns Ligue 1 powerhouse Nice, is prepared to rekindle interest in his favorite team, Manchester United. The British bιllιonaire who heads Ineos is said to be mounting a bid for United in the summer and may build a coalition to gain control.

There are other bιllιonaires from India and the Middle East jostling for the position of leader.

United supporters will hope that, regardless of the outcome of the election, the incoming owners will be far more concerned with sporting success than the current ones.


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